This year is going to be a special year for Apple. It will be the 10-year anniversary of iPhone. Everyone is expecting highly of the iPhone 8. Recently, GeekBench has released the iPhone 8 benchmark score, and it is a beast!

iPhone 8 benchmark


iPhone 8 benchmark score is beastly!

2017 marks 10 years since iPhone first appear in the industry, and thus making it a special year. People as well as industry experts are expecting big things from the American company. While some of the phone’s features may arrive later than usual, it is already shaping up to be a beast in terms of performance! A leaked screenshot has surfaced in China, showing the results of the iPhone 8 benchmark score after running throught tests with GeekBench 4.0. The score is quite astonishing!

The screenshot has shown that the iPhone 8 absolutely destroyed every one of its competitors in the market so far! Let’s break it down one-by-one. For the single-core test, it achieved the score of 4,537. It is 30% higher than what iPhone 7 scored. How about its Android competitor? The closest score for an Android phone is the Samsung Galaxy S8, which got only 1,945! That is not a typo, which means the iPhone 8 scores more than double the Galaxy S8 in single-core efficiency.

iPhone 8 benchmark

Next, let’s look at multi-core result. The iPhone 8 achieved a score of 8,975, which is 58% more than its predecessor. The best Android score is 6,338, from Galaxy S8+. That means the iPhone 8 performs 41% better than its biggest competitor in the industry! However, please note that benchmark scores are just for reference only, and may not reflect real-life experience and usage. So it does not necessarily mean that the iPhone 8 is definitely better than Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ in daily tasks. However, what it achieved is still very impressive!

iPhone 8 benchmark score: Good signs for Apple fans!

With this iPhone 8 benchmark score, Apple has proven themselves to be focusing on more power for their devices. This is a good sign for Apple users, and the outset for the phone looks good. Are you excited for iPhone 8?

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