iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7 Edge :The World’s Most powerful phones


iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7 Edge

 Apple iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7 Edge: performance + design

Generally, both phones become the most powerful devices by their own ways. Samsung Galaxy S7 is powered by an Octa-core Exynos 8890 processor. The phone also has another version with Quad-core Qualcomm SnapDragon 820. Both of them are powerful processors. However, we pick the Exynos version in this comparison because it is more popular than the SnapDragon version. Talking about iPhone 7, it is now working on Apple home-made chipset: a quad-core Apple A10 Fusion.  Besides, Apple iPhone 7 features 2GB RAM while that is 4GB RAM on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

So you might think that Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is definitely the stronger phone, when it has double RAM and double cores. However, the true will make you surprised. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge got 128, 191 Antutu scores. Meanwhile, iPhone 7 got 178,397 scores which are 40% higher than Galaxy S7 Edge’s. With this impressive result, iPhone 7 even becomes the King of Antutu at present. The quad-core CPU on the iPhone 7 also uses less power than the octa-core on Galaxy S7 Edge. So, with a smaller RAM and fewer cores, Apple iPhone 7 is still the winner in the performance battle.

iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7 Edge

In terms of the design, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge gets the higher evaluation than its counterpart. It is designed with a dual-curved screen. This year, iPhone 7 make users feel a bit..disappointed when it isn’t too different from the iPhone 6. Although Apple adds two new Jet Black and Matte Black colour version, that’s not enough when thinking it is the latest Apple iPhone. However, iPhone 7 is  half a millimetre thinner than the S7 Edge. It is also lighter (4.87 ounces), compared to Galaxy S7 Edge’s (5.54 ounces). Nonetheless, if you are finding the best look phone, Galaxy S7 Edge seems to be the better choice. Besides the nicer design, the S7 Edge also comes with the bigger battery than the iPhone 7 (3600 mAh vs 2900 maH).

 Apple iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7 Edge: The price

About Apple iPhone 7 price, the 128GB version cost $729. With the same onboard storage of 128GB, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge price is slightly higher, at $747. So, Apple iPhone 7 come to this battle with stronger performance, the thinner and lighter body. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge gets better design along with a bigger battery. So, did you find your winner?