Internet Marketing Strategies Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Internet marketing advertising and using the Internet to sell goods and services. Claims on banners and text, email marketing (search engine optimization and pay per click advertising recorded) affiliate advertising, interactive and search engine marketing marketing come.

With search engine optimization, search engine ranking web marketing target list and paid advertisements on the site traffic increases.

And as relevant as possible to the web is an art and a science. In this case, the closest to their web site that the user is looking for is a measure of the importance of adaptation. In short pages, the more relevant you are, the higher your ranking in Google, Yahoo, search engines like Altavista, etc.

This means that the position of their websites, such as Yahoo or Google, if specific information on its website, high user keywords/terms their website, maybe the top 10 search results should be presented to the user.

Action / keywords added to the site of the most important in the art of search engine optimization (SEO) is called.

Websites that people are treated differently and search engines. When people design a look and read the text, the search engines will scan and find keywords is important information, the user can use to assess your website.

These “keywords” strategically placed on the website in the search engines “see”.

Also your link popularity and importance of the topic. That is linking to your site? Related to the topic of your website?

So how do search engines evaluate your Web pages?

To understand the importance of the damaged area in determining the place. Each of these elements, such as HTML tags. Motor attract the attention of several labels, and browsing keyword. If you find that your pages are seen as important.

Frequency, Summit, and weight: optimize your pages, you have to learn three things.

  1. Frequency:
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Frequency is how often keyword or page elements (title, description and keywords META text look, H1, ALT, etc.).

  1. Summit:

Marking their role of closer.

In general, the closer to home page elements (title, description and keywords META visible text, alt, etc.). on your website.

  1. Weight / Density:

Keyword shows many times the weight of all the words used in the region as a percentage of:

Word of the weight multiplied by the frequency of words and phrases in a number of words (including keyword) is distributed as a crucial calculated. Mathematically:

Weight = (keyword/All words) x 100%

Logically, then, one of the pages of high level, especially at the site of the higher grade is keyword keyword weight. However, the search engines to increase their weight often repeated keyword punished.

Some of the words all words in the text to the overall level of finish – keyword weight, but sometimes the “density” refers to the fact that the idea is the same.

Balance is very important to optimize your website, so do not over or under optimized optimized.

In hundreds of thousands of people lost elsewhere optimized your website available. Over-optimization is to get your site penalized or worse –  banned from the search engines.

About the Author: Carol James is an EssayLab psychology department writer and senior editor. She has MA degree in social sciences and is an excellent specialist in this field. Carol worked with numerous materials on the subject and is eager to share her knowledge with our readers.