If you consider the essential elements, Instagram can prove to be a boon for you!


In today’s era of modern technology and rapidly increasing use of social media platforms, the means of advertising or business is not limited to just print media or digital advertising. Social media platforms today play a vital role in businesses development, and one of the most used platforms is “Instagram.” There are approximately 800 million active users, and the number is just increasing day by day.

Tactics of advertising/marketing business through Instagram

There are various ways to advertise your business (products) through Instagram. The first and the most important way is having your company’s Instagram page; the page itself gives you a lot of options for advertising and marketing. Let’s check out some points that you need to consider while using Instagram as an advertising platform:

Post content and quality: If you are a new name in the market and you want more people to know about your products or services then it is essential that your post content that is convincing and creative. Also, it should be able to grab you, potential customers. Also, not only  the content but  the images  you post along  with  it should  be relevant  to your  post. The image quality should be good and necessary editing must be done before posting it on your Instagram page. For, e.g., there should  not be any misleading  object or just clutter  of  documents  or any such thing  in the background  of your  product image, and if it does  then  this will  lead to the wrong impression  of the  organization  in the eyes of viewers  or followers.

The bio of your  page should  give a brief  idea about your product or services to the viewers  and should  also include the links to your company  website  and other  social  media  platforms .You  should  also keep in mind  the frequency  of your  posts  while  posting  it on your  page. Posts should be more than enough to stay connected with your customers but not so much that it counts up to spam. The followers will get irritated with the overdose of your  posts while  on the other  side it shouldn’t  be so less than the bridge  between  you  and  your  potential  buyers increase a lot, and it becomes  difficult  to pull out sales  through  Instagram. Hence the frequency of post is a very minor but essential factor for Instagram marketing.

Target  audience: If your  product or services  are limited  to a particular group  of people  depending  upon  age factor or financial  status it becomes indispensable to target  the right  audience and turn them into your  clients. In case, you  have a good experience about the market, but you  want  to  come  up with  a new product, and you  aren’t  sure  about  the audience’s  choice, you  can conduct an online survey for  the same. The results will  be beneficial  in the outcome and development  of your  new product; also your  chances  of loss or failure  will  nearly  reduce by half. In case, you  are in the  early  days of  your  business, and you  are searching  for  potential investors, you  can join  various  entrepreneur  or “start-up” groups  on Instagram  and advertise  your  business  there. So, the next  time  you  want  to  add  more  to  your  business, keep  the above audience target  in mind, and it will  turn  out to be very  helpful.

The role of hashtag #: Now this is a term not everyone is familiar with. It’s a small sign though, but it’s all over Instagram and social media. What  hashtag mainly does is it acts a search sign  for  the  users, whenever  someone  searches  for  a particular  person  or product on Instagram a hashtag sign follows it, or it is added before  the search word. If you  want  more  and  more  people  to know  about your  business, it’s  necessary  to add hashtags in your  post content  and all the relevant  words in regards  to your  products. In this way, your page will always be in the search results of the new viewers who are searching for products or services similar to yours and you need not put extra efforts for the same. The inclusion of hashtags allows you to be one among the search result so always do add hashtags in your posts.

Feedback /review  page: To give your customers  the best  services, see to it that you  have a particular  email  id  or feedbacks  form  for  your  customers. You  can also  make  a separate  page for your  customer complaints /suggestions /feedbacks; this will give a broad idea  to new customers about  your  services  and your pattern  of working. Also, the existing  customers will  have a good  impression of your  business  as they  quickly get a public  platform to express  their  views regarding your services.

Use the GO LIVE option wisely: Yes, Instagram has an option of going live! Usually,  people  use it to show off many interesting  places  or things  around  the world, but you  can use it as a tool for marketing or educating your  customers  about  your  product. For, e.g., if you deal with  sales  and service  of electronic  products,  you  can go live and inform your customers  about  the mechanism of the product as well  as the do’s and  don’ts of the products. But as said, use it wisely! Do not keep using the go-live feature for no reason; always have a healthy business perspective in your mind. If you keep  going  live  frequently  with  any relevant  knowledge  to share, your  followers  will never  take you  seriously, and this may affect  the goodwill  of your  organization.

Hence, Instagram is not just limited to personal interest or feeds, but it can work wonders in marketing your products and services; the only factor to consider is the way you use it. If you  understand  the strategies correctly, you  may not find the need to advertise  your  business  further  as Instagram  can  give you enough  business. Having a high number of Instagram likes can help you in a lot in achieving your goal.

If you want to know more interesting facts about Instagram and how it can prove to be helpful for you, then keep reading our posts.


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