HP Probook Tips And Tricks 2018


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HP users are increasing day by day because HP company introducing new and advanced features in to their probook laptops. In this article I will tell you about different tips and tricks of HP probook. These tips and tricks can make big difference into your laptop, save your time and effort while working or playing games, so you can play your casino online games in peace.

Disable And Enable Touchpad Of HP Probook:

Mostly people that are using HP probook laptop are facing problems with their touchpad. And this problem is that users sometime accidentally disable their touch and they think that touch is broken because of disability touch is not working. The touch of HP probook has a light that is present on the upper part of touch pad. When touch is disabled then the color of light becomes orange. The solution of this problem is that double tap on the Led light that is present on the upper part of touch pad, when the light is turn off it means touch is enabled and when the light is on that means touch is disable.

Fingerprint Lock:

Hp probook users have a problem that they don’t know how to enable their fingerprint lock and because this the amazing fingerprint feature is totally waste. Now I will show you how to enable fingerprint lock first you have to go to the settings of your HP probook and then accounts > sign in accounts, in the sign in accounts settings there is an option of fingerprint set up but first time this option will be disabled to enable this option you have to set a pin for some security reasons. Now click on the Add pin option and set a pin then click ok. When you add a pin then fingerprint option automatically enabled. Click on the fingerprint option enter your pin again and scan your finger to activate fingerprint lock.

HP Web Camera:

In HP probook laptop there is an option that web camera automatically open and you can easily chat to your family and friends with video call but the web camera is not open automatically if you boot up your HP laptop or camera is already running in the background but you don’t know it. In this article I will tell you the amazing trick that how you enable a web cam and how you reinstall a web cam

Enable Webcam:

  • First you have to move your cursor to the left corner of your probook screen
  • After this when start screen option will shown you have to right click on it and select the device manager from the list
  • Now you have to double click on the imaging devices and after this click on the your webcam name
  • Now pop up window will open and you have to click on enable button to activate your webcam

Reinstall Webcam:

  • First go to the search box and open it
  • Open recovery manager tool for this type recovery in the search box and select the recovery manager from the list
  • From the recovery tool manager drivers and reinstall applications and now select the proper webcam option like touchsmart webcam or cyberlink youcam after this install it and enjoy the webcam.

Touchpad Keyboard:

I will tell you the different tricks and first trick name is called angry bird sound trick if you close any window you will get angry bird sound. For this place your TP in a way where home remains left side of screen and pull down to close any app window will create an angry bird sound, to close any window just swipe it. The second trick is if you turn on caps lock then double click on the shift button and for turn off caps lock single click on shift button. Now last trick is that you can resize your keyboard and insert special characters also. To change the size of keyboard simply press and hold the key present on the right bottom corner and for special characters you have to just hold on to any related key and then special character will appear.

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