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HP LTO 6 – Reinforcement Your Information Utilizing The Most recent Innovation

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An association’s data is basic to its survival, and it is accordingly critical to guarantee that this data is protected securely so it is constantly accessible on interest. Keeping a reinforcement of your association’s data is important so you can simply recoup the information on the off chance that it gets lost. A reinforcement stockpiling is ordinarily kept as a duplicate of the put away data that is effectively being used in the association, and HP LTO 6 is an alternative that will give you the arrangement you require.

LTO Characterized

Direct Tape-Open is a stockpiling innovation that is tape based and has an open organization. The open configuration implies that it takes into consideration a few wellsprings of items that store information to be perfect with one another. Because of the open configuration, LTO has been authorized by numerous built up associations in the capacity business. This implies you can look over an extensive variety of cartridges and tape drives that are good.

LTO Innovation Progression

LTO innovation was initially presented in the year 2000 with the original of LTO. The following eras were then presented at normal interims, and every era accompanied limits and exchange rates that were higher. With each new era, new elements were likewise added to guarantee that information was better ensured. It was required that each new era was completely perfect with the era that preceded it. In this manner, HP LTO 6 can read and compose LTO 5 cartridges, and can likewise read LTO 4 cartridges.

Attributes Of LTO

One of the attributes of LTO is its compose once, perused numerous (WORM) capacity which implies that your information can’t be overwritten, eradicated or modified. Information encryption is additionally an imperative part of LTO; it guarantees the protection and security of your information when it is put away in the tapes and amid transportation of the cartridges. HP LTO 6 permits information to be initially compacted before it is scrambled so that the limit of the tapes is boosted. Apportioning is a component found in the most recent eras of LTO thath guarantees productive control of records and administration of space through the straight tape document framework (LTFS).


The LTO innovation is currently in its sixth era, having been presented in the year 2012. Its stockpiling limit of uncompressed information is a most extreme of 2.5 terabytes (TB) and when the information is compacted, the capacity limit is a greatest of 6.25 TB. The pressure proportion of packed information is 2.5:1 for the 6th era LTO. This is an increment from the 2:1 pressure proportion of the past eras. The rate of exchange when composing uncompressed information is 160 MB/s, while the exchange rate when composing packed information is 400 MB/s. LTO 6 consolidates the compose once, read-numerous (WORM) capacity, and in addition information encryption and parceling through the direct tape document framework (LTFS).


The HP LTO 6 tapes are indicated by number of tracks, the length of the tape and the recording thickness. The tapes regularly have a million goes of lifetime sturdiness. A breathe easy the tape alters its course. A reinforcement can along these lines have a thousand passes or more, and this will rely on upon the measure of information composed.

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