How Will Augmented Reality Transform these 5 Major Industries

Augmented reality

Technology is the way of the future. It is the innate and unparalleled curiosity of humans to surpass their biological traits and soar higher than nature ever intended. For better or worse, technology will lead us into the future, and augmented reality is the next big step we as a species are about to take towards a completely new human experience.

In fact, AR has already become an inextricable part of our existence, and although we are barely scratching the surface of its true potential, the AR technology is already disrupting and transforming every industry in the world.

From space exploration to saving countless lives here on Earth through enhanced medical treatments, all the way to expediting manufacturing processes, AR is the present and the future. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the five major industries that will undergo a revolution with the use of augmented reality.

Improving diagnosis and treatment in healthcare

The average human lifespan has increased dramatically with the staggering progress made in the fields of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of illnesses of every kind. But this is only the beginning, as the intrinsic human desire for longer lifespans is always finding new ways to improve these processes – something augmented reality is already a big part of.

AR is quickly becoming the go-to tool for modernized health institutions around the world, helping medical professionals use real-time simulations to diagnose illnesses with exactness and speed, and most importantly, offer the best course of action immediately. What’s more, the surgical field is also undergoing a revolution with the use of AR such as Apple’s Surgery Pad that gives a real-time view of the patient’s internal condition without the need for any additional incisions.

Transforming online shopping and retail

One of the biggest longstanding advantages the offline retail industry has had over its digital counterpart is the ability of the shopper to actually enter a physical store and try out the products before deciding to make a purchase. And even though the eCommerce market is on a constant upward trajectory, this one disadvantage has pained digital entrepreneurs for years.

Fortunately, this is no longer the case. In the very near future, augmented reality software and hardware will allow the customer to enter the virtual store and try out the products as if they were in a physical changing booth. And all of that will be possible from the comfort of their living room with the simple use VR goggles and a solid Wi-Fi connection. This can be a great opportunity for big telecommunication providers like Orange that offer phones to their customers as they can implement pre-installed AR apps on their phones.

Revolutionizing the manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry has seen all kinds of profound changes in recent decades with the progress made in automation, intuitive and refined robotics, as well as wearable tech the modern-day worker can use to enhance their abilities in terms of vision as well as physical strength, stamina, and agility. But that is only the beginning.

Augmented reality is set to completely transform manufacturing, expediting all crucial and menial processes with the help of a modern electronics manufacturer who can provide employees with AR technology that will give them real-time, relevant data on the field and thus significantly improve efficiency. In turn, not only will this build a more competent workforce, but it will also minimize human error and pave the road to efficient and effective manufacturing overall.

Optimizing the education system

As the years go by, an increasing number of world-renowned experts are coming out about the complete ineffectiveness of the modern education system and how the ancient learning systems are due for a complete overhaul. Needless to say, experts in the field of education enjoy substantial support from parents and disgruntled students across the globe.

With augmented reality and virtual reality slowly but surely coming into play, we can finally witness the transformation of the education system. Augmented learning is not only more efficient and effective because of the constant help and guidance of artificial intelligence, but it is also highly immersive. With virtual classrooms taking any desirable shape and form, and with AR giving the visually and otherwise impaired students the means to reach their full learning potential, we will finally be able to access to the collective intellectual power of the human mind.

Taking the gaming industry to new heights

The gaming industry has always displayed an enthusiastic drive to become more immersive, to bring the consumer into the virtual realm and allow them to experience the digital arena with all of their senses. While virtual reality had its debut almost 30 years ago, it wasn’t until a few years ago that augmented reality truly began to revolutionize the way people experienced gaming as a whole.

The most notable achievement in the field has to be the gargantuan success of Pokémon Go when it first released in 2016, amassing more than 147 million players to date. This sets the stage for further AR achievements in the field, and it goes to show that the gaming industry is bound to become a reality of its own.


Augmented reality has been seeping into every industry for years, and along with VR and AI, it is bound to redefine human existence entirely. Without sounding too much like a bad dystopian Sci-Fi novel, augmented reality will set the stage for all further achievements of the human race.