How to recover your deleted or deleted files with EaseUS Data Recovery


Our personal files are the most important and most valuable part of our computer. Photos, videos, documents and other types of files often fill our discs. However, despite the insistence of always having backup copies, sooner or later disaster arrives, and, for physical reasons (a failure in the hard disk, for example) or logical (a problem with the partition table, a malware and even a human error), the data is erased from the computer, and thus begins an odyssey to recover them. Luckily, applications like EaseUS Data Recovery are here to help us. And the best news is … this is data recovery software free!

EaseUS Data Recovery is one of the most complete, reliable and accurate applications to help us recover all types of data accidentally deleted from our hard drives. This application will allow us to analyze any unit, whether we have it in operation right now (for example, to recover the deleted files from Windows or from the Recycle Bin) or hard drives that have been formatted and to which we have not yet given use.

The main technical characteristics offered by EaseUS Data Recovery are:

– It allows us to recover data from virtually any unit, from conventional hard drives to SSD, USB drives and even photo cameras and memory cards.
– Recover data against all types of catastrophes: accidental deletion, formatting, hard disk failure, virus, system failure, problem with partitions, etc.
– It allows us to recover the data of partitions, marked as RAW, that have lost the information of the partition table.
– It is compatible with all types of files, from well-known formats such as photos, documents, music and video to any other format. The program analyzes the unit completely and returns the results.


We can download this data recovery tool from the main website of EaseUS Data Recovery. Once the latest version of EaseUS Data Recovery has been downloaded from the link we have previously provided, the next step will be to install the program on our computer. The installation process is very simple, fast and free of all kinds of additional and unwanted software. Of course, the only thing we should pay attention to is when installing the application, to do it on a hard drive other than the one where we are going to recover the data, as this will reduce the probability of sectors being overwritten with the data that we want to recover and we can recover them without problems.

Once the application is installed, we execute it, and the first thing we will see will be a window like the one where we will see all the hard drives and USB drives that we have connected to our computer.

EaseUS Data Recovery – main window

The first step in order to recover deleted data from our hard drive is to select the hard drive that contains the data to be recovered in order to start analyzing it. Simply clicking on it will bring up a second window from which you will begin to analyze the structure of the disk in search of everything that can be recovered.

In the first place, EaseUS Data Recovery will perform a fast, superficial scan, which will take very little time to complete, and which will allow us to recover deleted files without having to wait for the hours it takes in deep analysis.

EaseUS Data Recovery – Quick hard disk scan

Once the quick scan is finished, a deep disk analysis begins automatically. While performing the deep analysis we can search to see if the data we want to recover appears in the quick analysis. Otherwise, we will have to wait for this other analysis to finish, and this can take from several minutes to hours, depending on the type and size of hard drive or storage unit.

EaseUS Data Recovery – Deep hard drive analysis

Once the deep analysis of the hard disk is finished, we can see in the program window the results of this analysis. The program will show us the logical structure of the disk.

EaseUS Data Recovery – Data found on the hard drive to recover

Now, we must search for the missing files or directories on our hard drive that we want to recover. If we are looking for a specific type of file, we can use the different filters (images, audio, documents, etc.) that appear above the file explorer.

Depending on the type of file, it is possible to preview it. If the file is in perfect condition we can recover it without problems, however, if it is damaged, the same preview will show us the final result of the recovery.

Once the files that we want to recover have been selected, we simply have to click on the “Recover” button in the lower right part of the screen, and the program will show us a simple file browser in which we must choose the directory where we want them to be saved.

EaseUS Data Recovery – Save recovered files

Very important, we must choose a unit different from the one of origin. We can save the recovered data on another hard drive, another partition, a USB drive, a network drive, etc., but we should never save them on the same disk or the same drive from which we are recovering them, since it is very easy to overwrite the data and to be left without the possibility of recovering these files. In a few seconds, our data will be recovered. EaseUS Data Recovery will show us a window of success in the recovery and will also open the directory where the recovered data has been saved.