How to Protect Your Children from the Dangers of Facebook


Speaking of routines, children nowadays seem to look for their phone first thing in the morning. Instead of doing something slightly more productive when they wake up, they choose to check their Facebook account. This can be a time sucker as well. What could have been a 5-minute deal turned into an hour long activity of checking notifications and replying to messages or comments.

This is, surprisingly, not a new phenomenon. As various studies and statistics have shown over the years, more than 71 %t of teenagers aged 13 to 17 years old are using Facebook on a daily basis. For majority of parents, the first thing that comes across their minds may be what a time waster this activity is. However, the moment your focus shifts to their safety, you will start worrying about their well-being.

Dangers of Facebook

Are your children safe from cyberbullying? Are they and their posts well protected from prying eyes with ill intentions? Worse case scenario, are they completely free of risks of personal and physical harassment from many online predators lurking out there? Here, we will discuss on a few of the most common dangers Facebook poses to your children.

Being one of the most prominent issues in this day and age, cyberbullying has such devastating effects that affect teenagers everywhere. This popular social networking website is found to be the most popular platform for both trolling and cyberbullying. Over 88-percent of cyberbullying activity is recorded on the platform, resulting in at least 1-million teenagers being cyberbullied last year.

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• Online predators
You should know that according to the latest FBI reports, there are currently 500,000 or more online predators lurking on the internet. Many of them uses Facebook as platform to lure unsuspecting children into their traps. Many of them pose as a teenager trying to befriend children online.

How to avoid your children from being affected?

As a caring and loving parents, our basic instinct must be to protect our children from harm. There are a few steps you can do to prevent, or at least minimize, the risks of being exposed to the aforementioned danger. See the following basic safety rules to help you get started:

• Always encourage children to have real friend instead of the ones they met virtually.
• Tweak the privacy settings.
• Add your children’s Facebook accounts for easy monitoring.
• If you see cyberbullies, always take a screenshot and save it as a proof.
• Teach your children the importance of avoiding oversharing.

Then last but not least, always monitor your children’s online activities. From their posts online to their private messages. With Flexispy parental control application, you will be able to keep an eye on your children all without having to be a tech savvy. Its user friendly application provides parents with a peace of mind without all the complicated features.

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Flexispy parental control application allows you to fully monitor your children’s online activity on Facebook. Yes, even their private messages! Flexispy parental control application does not only help you track your children’s private messages, for better measure, it also helps you track their deleted messages. That way you can be absolutely sure of their safety online as well as their well-being.