In the previous article on TechGenix, I argued that Microsoft’s patch management approach has reached a tights point because the pain of patching windows operating systems and applications almost become unbearable for many administrators. I told someone to have some space, and soon, otherwise, those of us who are windows in our windows are in great trouble.

But no one wants to be in trouble, so there are fewer steps we can take to manage patch management administrators to avoid further chances. At this stage, both of the best ways to manage patches, and internal tips for dealing with dirt include Microsoft think that the area causes hell. Hopefully, the following steps will take you to some breathing room until Microsoft detects that it has to use its customers to live as a living test for updating its software. And has to re-use its entire approach to test and issue updates for Microsoft and such applications like Microsoft.

Wait a week before applying updates

Perhaps you have to wait less than a week before applying a software update after the first and most important thing has been released by Microsoft. This means, for example, after a patch Tuesday, you should be ready to apply a patch for a week, the day the new patch will be released for Microsoft Windows and every month The other (and sometimes the quarter) is Tuesday.

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The delay strategy should also be in the case that the world immediately talk about the important importance of the micro-microphone patch. Allows large organizations to take a lot of time to take advantage of it so that they first apply the test environment and check the outcome of the update, which is very close to their production environment. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs) can not have resources for IT staff to complete the scatch before applying it, but also wait for a week because they give them Microsoft and third reviews Can give time to take. Partner resources that can help deploy them to adopt updates have resulted in some negative impact on their environment. We will focus on some of the next additional resources.

Review the known issues Microsoft identifies for each patch

When Microsoft has reported the email of a new security update release, email also mentions any of the leading issues that Microsoft has identified about the update. For example, a few weeks ago I received an email released from Microsoft on August 1 with a Microsoft security update that the following CVEs (joint extensions and exhibitions) have made a significant revision Later added: CVE-2018-8172, which includes visual studio remote code execution, and CVE-2018-8202, which includes an antitrust framework that heightens the discretionary volatility. In other words, Microsoft released the update to pursue two previous updates that had already failed to fully resolve previously identical threats. Microsoft’s Microsoft in Email Microsoft said “To resolve the leading issues after installing July 2018 security updates for the micro framework, announce the release of updates available through the Microsoft Update Catalog. ”

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Information about software updates issued in the articles released on the Microsoft Support website is also available. For example, “The August 14, 2018-KB4343909” (OS build 17134.228) “applies to Windows 10 v.1803, with its name validating updates for Microsoft Halloween, which improves some quality. Identifies some of the leading issues related to article updates.

Patch management: Speed up and slow down

Lastly, it’s a good idea to modify a delay of one week to chase it by both speed and down. Specifically, for your most sensitive systems (key servers, for example), you want to factor in an additional week or two so that they can monitor the potential impact of applying the software update. The Microsoft Exchange Administration and IIS Admin are two examples that have hurried in a hurry with a new update request in the past, resulting in the mail systems going down and throwing online storefalls incorrectly.

On the other hand, the patch is also a good idea to apply some key systems immediately, so you are not bad enough to do worse people. With course you have the functionality of the place that allows you to quickly roll. These systems must be returned. While examining the first patches in the test test environment, it is always a good idea, the fact is to stay behind the production environment in the maximum test environment because consumers do not perform real work on customers and manage Do not make real management. Test servers so that when you are Microsoft’s twins busy with Microsoft’s security update emails, ask them to read news about Woody and Tech Turtles, you also catch some machines and see if anything goes on Is.

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