Fix Cannot Connect to Linksys Extender Issue

How to Fix Cannot Connect to Linksys Extender Issue

Cannot connect to Linksys Extender? Well, you are not alone in this battle. It is the most common issue faced by users. However, with certain troubleshooting tips, you can take yourself out of this problem. This tutorial will walk you through some hidden tactics to connect to the extender without any issue. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Connectivity issues cause an annoyance to users so they end up their Linksys Extender Setup process immediately. But we commend such users that do not leave the process in middle. First of all, just calm down and follow the steps given below to permanently fix this issue.

  1. Extender’s Position

Where your extender placed is the main reason for this issue. Not only extender, but the position of other equipments whichever you are using for the setup process also causes connectivity issues. Place the extender, computer and router to an area which is far away from barriers or obstacles. Here, barriers mean microwave oven, cordless phones, mirrors, walls, floors, radios, electric iron, glasses, refrigerators and similar objects.

Furthermore, the extender and router should be placed at clear and airy area so that no dirt can interfere their working. After you placed your devices properly, connect to the extender Linksys. If you are successful in the connection process, then the culprit is position of your devices. If not, read on and follow the next step.

  1. Wrong wireless password

In case you make a connection with a secure wireless network, it asks for WPA Personal, WPA2 Personal or WEP security password. It occurs when you change the wireless settings of your router. Check the router’s settings to make sure that if you enter the right password or not. In order to access the settings, open the web browser and navigate to the web-based setup page of extender. Now, select wireless option. Here, all the necessary settings for your device can be found.

By chance, if you forgot the password, resetting the router to default settings can help you retrieve the password. Or change the password with a new one. Go to Linksys extender router login page and click on reset password button. After setting up a new password, click on save settings option. Do not use your personal names, nicknames, birthdays, address, mobile numbers and related things into the password. Try to create a mixture of numbers and alphabets to make a strong password.

  1. Router’s firmware

Firmware is a series of instructions which make sure the proper working of a home or office router. So, it is important to use the latest version of firmware on router or access point. Just go to and find out whether the new firmware version is available or not. If available, download and install that immediately. Once done, try connecting to the extender.

  1. Router’s Wireless MAC Filter

MAC stands for Media Access Control. Wireless MAC filter is an awesome feature that comes included with a router. Through this feature, you can control over how many devices are connected to your home or office network. Click on either allow or disallow specific MAC addresses to be connected. Therefore, it is very important to enable wireless MAC filter on the main access point or router.

Before setting up a wireless connection, make sure to connect extender to Linksys extender setup-xxx network. Once done, you can set up the extender with ease without facing any connectivity issues. But if you still come across any technical problem, contact our tech executives. They will help you in resolving all your issues instantly.

So, these were our surefire ways to fix cannot connect to Linksys extender issue. If you have your own tips to troubleshoot the problem, don’t forget to share them with us via the comments section below. We will surely add them to our tips.