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How to Connect Your Netgear WiFi Extender to Mywifiext

If you are going to set up a home WiFi network using Netgear wireless range extender, let us discuss some of the fundamentals. It is utterly important that we discuss on this topic as people are not clear regarding the process of connecting the range extender to mywifiext. This post will surely clear all your doubts about the said process. Scroll down to read more.

It is a cake walk to connect your wireless network with setup page. However, if you find any difficulty, contact our proficient technicians. We have a team of experts available to aid you regarding the process of establishing your WiFi network with

Do you know what mywifiext is?

Let us tell you that it is a default local web address used for WiFi range extender setup. When you access this web address, it takes you to the setup wizard providing you with on-screen commands. A local web address means that the settings panel is stored on the index file of firmware.

All you have to do is simply open the desired web browser and pay a visit to this web page. When you access it, you will be redirected to the firmware’s index file and asked for login credentials such as username and password. Enter them accurately to proceed further. Thereafter, you can get started with the setup process.

In order to connect your extender to mywifiext, follow the steps highlighted below:

  • Access the internet connection which provides you with high speed.
  • Place your extender to an open area.
  • Also, put the device at a certain distance away from interference-creating objects such as electronic gadgets, reflexive surfaces and metal objects.
  • Make use of the latest version of web browser.
  • Connect your other smart gadgets to the router network.
  • Launch any internet browser installed on your PC.
  • In case there is no browser application installed on your computer, download and install the one from a reliable source.
  • Navigate to the said web address.
  • Utilize keyboard for entering the user ID and password into the provided empty boxes.
  • Click login button once done with typing the credentials.

That’s it. Your extender is now connected to mywifiext.

Quick Tip: You can always make use of Netgear extender manual guide to find out the default username and password.

On the off chance that you wish to configure your local area network or LAN, there is need to fix SSID or network name and passcode. Besides, you will be provided with a DNS address. Afterward, you will have to figure out a port on the back or bottom side of the device in order to connect a cable.

Does your device have multiple ports? No need to confuse then!

In this case, go for the hit and trial method. You have to connect the router to each and every port to find the right one.

Now, you need to connect your wireless device e.g. smartphone or tablet to check whether the connection has set up successfully or not. See a list of all the available networks in your neighborhood by tapping on the network icon.

Select a network you want to connect to. Enter the password and click on connect button. In case the device connects properly, it means your router installation has been completed.

There are chances that you won’t be able to reach to Netgear genie setup page because of some internal network errors. In the scenario, you can try using – the default IP address – instead of the web-based address.

Still having the same issue? Fret not. Just dial our toll-free number and connect with our knowledgeable technicians. Our tech support facilities are available round the clock so that you can rest assured that all your technical issues will be fixed in a matter of minutes.