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How to Choose a Good WordPress Hosting Provider?

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You have decided to launch a self-hosted WordPress site to promote your business. Now you need a good domain name and a reliable hosting provider. Choose a unique and descriptive name related to your business, industry or main keyword for your domain. A short and easy to remember names work best for a domain. You can either register the domain name to a domain registrar or a web hosting provider.

Finding a good and affordable hosting provider is a challenge. It is not so because of the scarcity of web hosts, but too many options create confusion. You will tempt to choose a cheap web hosting if you are under budget constraint. Price is not only the deciding factor of a hosting service. You should look at the features of the hosting plan, quality of service, support option and market reputation of a company, before making a deal. This blog will guide on how to choose the best WordPress hosting.

Assess Your Need

Every web host offers different plans to cater the needs of various sites. The first step towards choosing a good hosting plan is to accurately assess needs of your website. Below given pointers will help in examining your needs.

  • Nature of your website (Personal/Business)
  • Traffic of your website with growth estimation in future
  • Your technical expertise
  • Need of customer support
  • Your budget
  • Hosting types (Shared, Dedicated, Managed and Cloud)

Your Budget

Budget often decides a deal. Your choices of hosting plan and provider depends on your budget capacity. If you don’t want to send money, free word press is an ideal option for you. Shared hosting is an affordable option, but it is not fit for a large website with huge traffic. According to needs of a website you should choose a good hosting plan with some room to grow in future.

Hosting Provider

Almost every hosting company provides WordPress hosting, but not all of them are specialized in it. Choose a host which is known for wordpress hosting. Do a research and jot down the name of hosting providers who fulfills your needs. Now compare their features and prices, you will find out which web host is best for you. Many hosting providers offer various discount coupons on their hosting plans, make sure you capitalize on them.  Expert opinion and customer reviews also help in selecting a good web host.

WordPress is the most popular content management platform and it offers free and paid services. For serious bloggers and webmasters, self hosted WordPress is the best option as it gives them freedom and flexibility to use their website per their wish. You have endless WordPress hosting options to choose from and anyone can get confuse in it. With a little research, you get an idea of your needs and good hosting offers in the markets. Never rush for cheap hosting offers if they are not from a reputed company and don’t suit your needs.

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