Handy Tips for Boosting a WiFi Signal

In this article, mywifiext.solutions teaches you how to boost your router’s range and get the internet connectivity to far corners of the house. Not only this, we are also here for configuration of your range extender. Let us discuss some useful tips for NETGEAR Extender Setup first and after that, we will guide you for ‘how to boost a WiFi signal.

Mywifiext.net: New Extender Setup

  • Be sure that your router and the modem aren’t overheated.
  • Make sure that both the devices are updated by the latest version of technology.
  • If you are sure with the above two points, consider connecting your range extender with router.
  • Now, what you have to do, launch a web browser and type 168.1.250 into filed of the URL bar. This would be the default IP address of your range extender.
  • Now, grab your NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender Manual and get details of username and password from it. This step will be required to fill the login credentials into the asked fields that will allow you to visit NETGEAR Genie home page.

If you didn’t have the default details to access NETGEAR Genie or facing mywifiext.net login issues, don’t forget that we are behind you to help you out in any manner. Just have a word with our tech support team on toll-free number 1-888-674-6890.

NETGEAR Extender Support: Boost a WiFi signal

You will be glad to know that your search for NETGEAR Extender Support ends here. As we already told you that we have a definite answer to all your brainteaser and annoying queries. You just have to trust us and stick with us until and unless we resolve all your issues.

  1. Consider knowing your router’s maximum range. Do you know the fact that all commercial routers can reach between 100-150 feet? Strange but true. In case, you determine that WiFi devices within the range of your router aren’t receiving proper signals, consider placing the router somewhere else.
  2. Turn off all the interference creating Bluetooth devices, metal appliances, and electronic gadgets. They can also be a cause of poor connectivity that harms your WiFi range.
  3. Place your desktop closer to the router.
  4. If it is not possible for you to place your router away from interference creating obstruction, consider turning them off.

Note: These steps are also applicable for mywifiext.net setup. The main reason that causes error while www.mywifiext.net login would be:

  • Interference of third-party WiFi devices.
  • Daily home use obstruction like microwaves, treadmill, baby monitors, security alarms, etc.
  • Distance between router, extender, modem, and computer.
  1. Hope you have chosen the best appropriate center location for your router. Also, remember that it shouldn’t be placed under table/ cabinet or back of any device.
  2. To avoid signal interferences, turn off your cordless phones, television remote controls, automatic garage openers, electronic toys, etc.
  3. Always use 2.4GHz channel of router.
  4. Upgrade the firmware of router to decrease signal interference and increase WiFi signals.

Note: If you are unable to see any blinking lights on your router, then:

  • Turn off your router.
  • Unplug it from the electric wall socket.
  • Let it be cool. If it isn’t overheated, then skip this step and proceed further.
  • Disconnect it from modem and the computer.
  • Take your router away from modem, computer, and interference creating obstruction mentioned above.
  • Turn on your router. Press the WPS button on it. Do not release it until you see any blinking green lights.

Hope we gave a definite solution to your problem. If not, then don’t forget that we are still here to help you. We give you our words that we will not get mad at you, no matter how many times you call us and ask about same query. We will not leave you until and unless your issue is resolved completely. You can also ask us for mywifiext.solutions.