Good to Know information before buying Burglar Alarms

Crime does not see the city, be it India or abroad, number of burglary cases has increased in the past few years. Though we take all necessary steps like using locks that are not easy to break in order to keep our house safe from thieves, but still with the help of advanced technology methods, today criminals can barge into anybody’s home easily. Hence, installation of burglary alarm system in your home is a good way to protect your house.


The trend of installing burglary alarm system in houses is gaining huge popularity. In fact, many realtors use this as their selling feature to sell their properties. However, one needs to be cautious and informative about the intrusion alarm system so that you cannot get duped while purchasing it. There are various kinds of alarm systems that are available in the market today and depending on your need, you can purchase one for yourself. Let us further find the various kinds of alarm systems that are available for your purchase:-

  • Burglary alarm systems are usually electronic and equipped with motion sensors. Good thing about these kinds of alarm systems is that they function on low voltage power system that is controlled by main power system. These systems are so efficient that they can even sense movements through thick walls as well. The moment the sensors sense an intrusion, they send signals to the monitoring company and inform the police.
  • The other most common and conventional kind of alarm system is dog barking alarm. This kind of alarm is most efficient amongst its kinds. The barking alarm gets louder and fierce as the intruder advances in the house. Statistics has shown that these alarm system can discourage burglars as they believe that there is a huge dog inside

But buying a burglar alarm system India can be very challenging as there are many companies today that offer varieties of security devices with almost similar kinds of features. Therefore, you need to be smart enough to know which one works best for you. Below mentioned factors should be taken in consideration while choosing an alarm system for     your home:-

  • Price – Cost is the biggest and the most important factor while purchasing any item. Usually, it is believed that alarm systems that are low cost do not provide effective security features. However this is not true. Today, you can easily find alarm system that both effective in terms of security features and cost. You should be smart enough to make that difference. Therefore a proper research is required before purchasing.
  • Equipments – An effective alarm system should include features like motion sensors, ability to make loud sound so that it can make the burglar run away and remote control for operating convenience.
  • Guarantee – To sell their products, most of the manufacturers provide guarantee. But sometimes these guarantees can be bogus. Therefore, you should read feedbacks and reviews of the customers before approaching any dealer.

Since our house is the most important asset therefore it is very crucial to keep our home safe.