Gigabyte teasing a new Aero 15 laptop for CES 2019


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We have a kiss in the air. Gigabitio is expected to compete with the latest model in its popular Aero family compared to the Dale XPP 15 and the other narrow flag flagship laptops.
The laptop’s Aero series has been so successful for G. Getty that he has given a lot of priority to the old PC series. Its high performance, lightweight design, and individual-guessed displays appeal to both peers and professionals. Nevertheless, the original model has been for two years and the possibilities of the update may not be out of the 2019 question.

Image result for Gigabyte teasing a new Aero 15 laptop for CES 2019Next month next year the CEE will be invited with gigabytes and arranged presence. However, what’s interesting, this invitation mentions the “Launch of New Aero 15 Products”, which clearly holds the banner with Air logo.

It shows that a good part of the Gigabit’s floor will be dedicated to the upcoming Aero 15 model. During the CE 2018, Gigabit told us that he would have to put more resources in the Aero family while dialing in the P series. The result of the change in R & D can finally be shown in the next month.

The latest Aero 14 and Aero 15 laptops were released earlier this year, with plenty of Lake HHUs and Niia Maxes Q options. It is possible that upcoming referee will make at least the game Navyia Tiving graphics. Of course, Aorus may also be a surprise because this year G.G. Getty has been exceptionally silent about his dedicated family of extraordinary gaming laptops. The nine notebooks will be shown on the gabite and the axis on the floor so that CE 2019 will be available to catch all the new announcements.

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