A Google fax number lets you fax from your device, whether computer or mobile using Google’s services. It redirects all the documents you receive as a fax to your Gmail address in the form of digital documents. From the development of online fax system, the advantages of using fax machines are still alive, but in the cheapest form. Back when people used fax machines, they had to pay for the fax machine and a dedicated fax line.


All you need, to use Google fax are a Gmail address and an email fax account. Besides this, having a free email fax number makes faxing both easier and faster. While you sign up for an email fax service, you can choose between the options of having a toll-free or a local number based on what your use is and what might be best for you. This fax number sends all the incoming fax to your email in the form of pdf document.


Currently, the only way through which you can get a Google fax number is through a fax service provider. There are a number of websites that might let you fax using a form for free, but there are limitations in these sorts of services. Besides, they don’t provide a number to receive faxes, which means it is pretty much of no use since you would need a fax machine and a line to receive faxes.


On the other hand, the paid services you register for might charge you as low as $5 a month and give you a fax number as well as a number of added features. If you wonder how to get a number for free, you can go for trial versions and get a fax number that is as good as the one for paid versions of services. You get to use it for a period of 30 days trial just like paid version. Also, trial version lets you find out what service is the best for you.


Getting a Google fax number is very easy. You have to follow 4 easy steps to get your virtual fax number. First up, you need to find any fax service provider who you feel meets your requisites. There are a number of fax service providers, like RingCentral, myfax, efax, etc. Once you’ve chosen the fax service provider, sign up and select a toll-free or local fax number.


After choosing the kind of fax number you want, you need to enter your name and link the fax number to your Gmail address to receive the faxes. Once your fax number and Gmail address are linked, you will start receiving the faxes in pdf document format. When someone wants to send you a fax, all they have to do is dial your virtual number that’s similar to a typical fax number. People can send you faxes through both a fax machine and a computer.


This is why if you decide to make use of Google fax service, you should have a virtual fax number. It makes communication faster and better.