Galaxy Note 7: One of its kind!

We all have no doubts as to how amazingly Samsung has been the number 1 Smartphone Company and it has never ever failed to amaze us. From the Samsung Galaxy S5 to the latest Note 7 (the latest release that we are going to talk about), phones from the company has forever been a fancy and highly beneficial.




We saw the first ever Note back in 2011, which had the kind of specs that took the entire Smartphone world by storm.  Even though the note didn’t have any front camera, the Note did fairly well in the market for its high-end features. With time and advancement however, the Note series has now been one of the best selling Smartphones and has done amazingly well in the market.

So, here’s all about the Note 7!



Given the equally amazing flagship series, the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note, it can be quite a task for the Samsung people to keep up to date wit the features on both the Smartphones and at the same time keep them different. However, they have managed to do that as the NOTE 7 will feature a 6 GB RAM working alongside a Snapdragon 823 Processor. The 823 processor is even better than the Snapdragon 820 processor, which is fitted in theGalaxy S7.

Screen and Battery

The 5.8 inch screen and with a 4K resolution, is everything that we would ever want from the Note 7. The battery would be a whooping 4000 mAh, which is quite apt given its size and of course all the features.

The add ons!

As we have quite much heard about the phone already, it would feature both fingerprint as well as iris scanner. We’ve been earing about them since long, but this time, with the Note 7, we are sure that the phone would successfully live up to our expectations.


We have in store a lot of newness with so many additional features in the form of the Note 7! Not to forget, the Galaxy Note 7 would be available in 3 colours, and  from all the news and buzz off late, the base version of this phone might have an in built memory of 32 GB. In addition to that, we will also see space for memory card slot, which had gone missing in the earlier devices!


A long way to go with the Note 7! Hopes are high and we hope that we get the best out of Note 7, just like we have from all the other versions of this flagship!