When it comes to the mobile gaming industry, people are stuck into those addictive games that have been introduced in the recent past. While it is true that not too many games can completely help you kill boredom, there happen to be a handful ones which have acquired massive popularity over the past few years. And from the gamers’ point of view, we (the gaming freaks) love how the fruits slash with each finger stroke. Whether it is slashing of fruits or juggling with candies in rows, the mobile users have definitely discovered the best way to spending their leisure time. That being said, here’s the introduction to the world of delicious fruits- the Fruit Ninja Apk.

Fruit Ninja Apk: The History of the Original Game

Developers Halfbrick (a group of Australian developers) has done a mind-blowing job by introducing the game to the smartphone freaks. But in case you want to know the history of the game, here’s what you need to look at. Released on April 21, 2010, Fruit Ninja was only available for the users of iPod Touch and iPhone devices. But only when the game was introduced to the Android platform on September 17, the mobile video game reached a different level. Now the game is available on multiple platforms.

Fruit Ninja Apk: How the Game is played?

In the game, the players just have to slash different colorful fruits via a blade that is controlled by the touch screen. The fruits are thrown on to the screen of the device whereby players have to swipe their fingers across the screen in order to slash and cut fruits in the air. Players have to slash multiple fruits in just one stroke of the blade, and this continues until the player misses three fruits or hits a bomb. There are three modes available in the game- the Zen Mode, the Classic Mode and last the Arcade Mode. For a better info, the Zen Mode happens to be the easiest among the three. With every level, gamers will be given the opportunity to explore Fruit Ninja more conveniently.

Fruit Ninja Apk: Why Fruit Ninja Apk?

We have already stated that Fruit Ninja is available on Android platform, which includes the Google Play Store. So it is obvious for gamers to get their hands on the game via the Play Store. But in this guide, we will ask you to go for Fruit Ninja Apk. You might be wondering why the Apk? An Apk file aka Android Installation Package is only meant for the Android users. Fruit Ninja Apk receives a regular update which happens to be faster than what we receive in the Google Play Store. Second, the Fruit Ninja Apk is more convenient in terms of its size. Thus, going for Fruit Ninja Apk will be more convenient for you to play the game more effectively.

Wrap Up

This brings us to the closure of our guide to Fruit Ninja Apk. Apparently, our guide will be effective enough for you to go for the apk file. If you enjoyed our guide, then share it with your friends and close ones. In case you are a beginner in the world of Ninja addicts, here’s the cordial welcome!