First Glance of Newly Launched Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

Last week, I was approached by Stellar data recovery to review their recently launched Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home 7.0. However, I was very busy on another project so I don’t get time to thoroughly review this software. For you, I have just take overview on software. You can say it first glance of software too.


Features Offered by Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software


  • Offers dedicated module to recover lost documents, folders, emails and other multimedia files.
  • Recover lost data from the formatted hard drive.
  • Allows to search lost or deleted partition
  • Recover data from corrupted or non-corrupted hard drives
  • Works on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, and Vista


Scenario: To test it out, First I permanently deleted some of my file and folders using (Shift+Delete) from E Drive. After this, I downloaded this software and started the recovery process.


How Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software Help me out?


Step1: I launched the Windows data recovery software on my system.

The software interface looks very smooth and can be easily operated by the non-technical person. I select the “All Data” option because I wanted to recover number different types file formats. After selecting the option “What I want to recover”, I clicked on Next button and reach to the next step.

Step 2: The next step is “Select Location”. I selected the drive from which I wanted to recover my data. I choose my external hard drive and then clicked on Scan button.


Step3: In next step, software started the scanning process and completed it in 20 minutes.

Step4: After successfully completing the scanning process, the software allows me to preview my lost documents. I saw all my deleted files in the healthy format in software interface and select them to save to my desired location.

Conclusion: This software successfully recovered all the files, which I had deleted to test this software. I found this software very easy to use and helpful for recovering permanently deleted data from the hard drives. Because of time shortage, I haven’t tested it thoroughly, but next time I will explain its features in detail.