Fifa has always been quote the game for everyone. Each series added to the game has been better than before and of course there have been so many add ons to the already existing list of features. Fifa 17 is now on its way to make it big this year too. Though there won’t be any major changes into the game, what we can expect to see is an upgradation from the previous Fifa 16.



Fifa 17 will bring for its users a range of features. Let us get an in depth knowledge of what can we expect from the game. The game will not come up with any major changes in the core of the game but only a couple of additions and minor changes here and there.

It starts with the various modes that are likely to be seen in the game. Career mode remains the same with a few tweaks in the basic outlook of the game.  With respect to the career mode, users could as well refer to the Scenario mode. Here, the user can either continue from where he left or can start afresh from any iconic moment during the history of the game. Yet another game changer is the Story mode which indeed is the basic reason why users continue to be glued to the game. This indeed will be one major source for the players while they are stuck on the Story mode in the game.

Other additions include Statistics and Awards; both pretty much go hand in hand. Statistics involves keeping a record of all the hits, assets and cleanshoots etc. Awards on the other hand would be nothing but a small ceremony where the players on the basis of their records would be awarded.

Release Date

Going by the earlier trends that EA sports has set for the release date to Fifa games, we can anticipate the game to be available for us by September this year. The trial version will be made available to us by the first week September and the entire game can be availed by the third week of September sometime. The game will be available at different times in different regions.


As far as the pricing for the game is concerned, the basic version of the game is expected to be priced at 69 USD and the deluxe version at 79 USD. The difference of 10 dollars will be with respect to the additional features to be found on the same. Though not quite the accurate price, the actual pricing would be somewhere around this or the same pricing itself.


That was all from the game which is indeed the much awaited shizz this year. Year after year, the Fifa series has fared highly in the world of sports games. Fifa 17 as well is expected to do equally good in the market. After Fifa 16’s huge success, users have super high expectations from the game and hence here is all about the game!