How to Drive Website Traffic with Instagram

Instagram, which was previously used for socializing purposes only, has become a heaven for marketers. Marketers have started to prefer Instagram over other social networks due to numerous reasons. Initially, Instagram is growing at an overwhelming rate. Not only millions of users visit this social networking hub daily, but it also offers the highest audience engagement rate, and the majority of Instagram users have admitted looking up a brand over Instagram.

Also, Instagram has been quite hospitable towards marketers lately. It recently launched Instagram Business Tools, which are quite useful and marketers can use these set of tools to aid their marketing strategy.

Some new start-ups solely operate via Instagram, while others utilize it to promote their brand and drive traffic to their brand websites.

You can utilize the following guide to drive website traffic via Instagram.

Add the Brand’s Website Link in Your Bio.

Every brand must leverage Instagram bios.

The most important yet underrated step is to add a link to your website in the bio section of your brand’s Instagram page. It is a key factor in leading Instagram users to your site.

To fabricate a complete and alluring bio, you can add your brand’s slogan along with a link, directing users to the brand website.

Also, as bio is the first thing any Instagram user is going to observe upon opening a page, it can be a fruitful technique to drive website traffic.

Include a CTA

CTA or call to action is an essential part of a visual advert as it prompts your visitors to take action. You can layer a CTA onto an aesthetically appealing picture.

The action you want your visitors to take could be anything from “Click the link below” to “Sign Up.”

You may use this technique while conducting contests, where you can urge your followers to sign up on your brand’s website.

Not only will it drive website traffic through your visitors, but you could share images with CTA on other platforms too.

Add URL to Images and Videos

A brand page must have a seemingly beautiful and aesthetically pleasant Instagram gallery, as users are lured away by beautiful pictures.

You must watermark your website’s URL in the pictures, as a lot of users are likely to browse over to your site upon discovering the URL in images.

Also, you never know which of your posts may go viral, so it’s better to be on a safer side by watermarking your URL in your posts.

Videos allow greater engagement and interaction with followers. Videos are more likely to influence or attract users, compared to pictures.

You can produce creative and fun videos including adverts, FAQ videos or vines, and add your website’s URL to them.

Even users with diverging interests won’t mind browsing over to a site if they discover it through a creative and exciting video.

Connect with Influencers

Connecting with and building relations/links with the right people is the key to success in online marketing.

In this case, influencers can be experienced bloggers, with a massive following and excellent reputation. Collaborating with those people can assist you with your marketing strategy as it amplifies your adverts/messages.

Connecting with strong influencers will capture users from larger platforms.

The benefits of collaborating with bloggers are clearly indicated in the image below.


Note that influencers must be approached with the right intentions. You must conduct a thorough research before reaching out to a blogger for collaboration.

Tempt your followers to visit your Website

Giving away everything in your posts may make it unnecessary for your followers to visit your website.

In order to tempt your followers to browse over to your site, you may only giveaway teasers and incomplete yet alluring information. If some information attracts users and they want more information about it, they’d head over to your website if they can find a link to it conveniently.

A cheeky way of tempting your customers is to give away all the details about a product in a post, except for the price. Even if visitors are not interested in purchasing the product, they may visit the website to check the price for the product.

Turn your Instagram galleries into Shoppable Feeds

Tons of Instagram tools including like2buy will enable you to convert your Instagram photos into shoppable feeds.

These tools allow customers to browse their desired products, directly from Instagram galleries.

Product-oriented businesses can select a photo and tag it with a link to the relevant product page, which will lead customers directly to the chosen product on the brand website.

In a nutshell, customers would be able to head over to the product on the brand’s official page, directly via the product post on Instagram.

It is bound to drive significant traffic to your website as customers would visit your site to discover more about the products.

However, it must be noted that the influence of these methods is directly proportional to the number of visitors on your Instagram page.

These methods would prove more beneficial and efficient if your Instagram page is visited by a larger number of people. Hence, it is important to promote and popularize your page.

Promoting your Instagram Brand page

Numerous strategies could be utilized to promote your brand’s Instagram page.

If you don’t mind spending some bucks, you can use Instagram tools such as Vibbi, to purchase followers, likes, and views.

If you’re interested in promoting your page using organic methods, you can employ direct promotion methods.

  1. Affiliate Marketing-You can hire people for affiliate marketing. Those people will promote your brand by fusing promotional content into their posts.
  2. Sponsorships-You may also sponsor individuals including celebrities, athletes or YouTubers. It will enable you to approach wider audience bases.

Cross-promoting your brand is another great idea to popularize your Instagram page. If your brand is present and active on other social networks, you can promote your Instagram page over those platforms.

You may also use hashtags in your captions and bio, to make it easier for people to discover your Instagram page.

It is also important to interact with your followers and keep them engaged. Posting regularly will keep your fans engaged, which will drive more traffic to your website.