Different Types of Toner Cartridges for Printer

Printers have managed to occupy quite in important place in both home and offices. The use of pen has greatly reduced at the workplaces as people would simply have all their important document and files in their computer and take a print of it whenever necessary. Almost everyone knows that a cartridge is a very important component of printer without which printing cannot be done. But, only a lesser number of people know that there is not just one but different types of cartridges available in the market and even those types have some subtypes. So listed below are three types of toner cartridges. Talking about toner cartridges, Samsung toner cartridge is known to be of very good quality.

Types of Toner Cartridges

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer Cartridge or OEM Cartridge

OEM cartridges are manufactured by a particular printer manufacturer and not by an outside source. Such a cartridge is very appropriate for those printers that are still under guarantee and warranty. OEM cartridges are easy to install and produce high quality prints.

  • Compatible Cartridge

Also known as Generic cartridge, Compatible cartridge are not manufactured by the company manufacturing the printers. Instead, it is manufactured by the third party. These cartridges are manufactured along the lines of OEM cartridges but still they may vary because of patent and other restrictions. However, compatible cartridges are designed to fit and work fine a large range of printers. They are somewhat cheaper as compared to OEM cartridges but they provide print of fine quality. If you are still planning to go for OEM cartridge, then OKi toner cartridge can prove to be a great choice.

  • Remanufactured Cartridges

These toner cartridges are known to have lowest functionality among all the available toner cartridges. Remanufactured cartridges are prepared by disassembling other cartridges, cleaning them and replacing the defective parts. These cartridges would not produce prints of great quality and are also prone to leaking.

If you are planning to buy a cartridge for your office or home printer, then you can go for Samsung printer toner cartridge as it provides amazing quality prints.