Dell XPS 13 vs. Dell XPS 15: Which should you buy?

Assuming that you want to live with a new traditional finger design rather than a new Fingerley Deal XPP 13 2-in-1 or del XPS 15 2-in-1, we will give you the most popular XPS models of Dell. Will choose between: current XPS 13 9370 and XPS 15 9570.

We have reviewed the “New” XPS 13 9370 formally, and our decision: It’s small and very fast. We are still in our formal review process of XPS 15, but we already have a deep sink in the performance of the new Macbook Pro 15 and the new Razer Blade 15, in its performance.

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XPS 13 vs XPS 15: Price

If it does not compete in prices, this competition will not be realistic, so we have noticed that if we drop down about $ 1,500 for laptops. Amazingly, the new XPS XPS 13 is more than expected that XPS is much more than 15 9570. We actually thought we would get bigger SSDs or Maximum RAM with XPS 13, but XPP is primarily more than $ 50 for you RAM, a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Max-Q, and 6-core Returns the CPU twice. Big boobs goes to the box for the box.

(If your wallet is a bit thin, heartbroken: Dell announced $ 900 XPS $ 13 in IFA in Berlin, so these lovely laptops take a little while.)

Winner: XPS 15

dell xps 13 9370 vs dell xps 15 9570

XPS 13 vs XPS 15: Ports

XPS 13 supports three USB C ports, two of which support thunderbird 3. All three video output and charge also. Unfortunately, this is. Dale left the square USB-A port behind space reasons. And if you are using USB to charge, you really get two ports only.

Large XPS offers 15 ports that will expect you, including full size HDMI, thirty-three ports, and two USB-A ports. Although you can charge XPS 15 via USB, it also has a break barrel charger port, so everything is open.

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