Dell XPS 13 vs. Asus ZenBook UX333FA: Kaby Lake-R can still outperform Whiskey Lake-U


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Turbo Boost becomes the deciding factor that gives the Dell laptop a slight edge in CPU performance even though the Asus uses a newer Intel processor. Even so, the ZenBook carries a few other advantages to make it worth considering especially in regards to price and storage.

Asus took the initiative last month to launch its 2019 13.3-inch ZenBook UX333 series complete with Whiskey Lake-U ahead of everyone else including Dell. Most competitors are expected to announce their own updated Ultrabooks with Whiskey Lake-U at CES 2019. How does Asus’ new 13.3-inch ZenBook compare to the current Kaby Lake-R XPS 13 lineup? Technews

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