Customizing Banner Stands For Your Brand: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Banner stands are so simple, versatile, and portable, it’s no wonder they’ve earned a place as a trade show staple. You can place them around the venue to attract traffic to your booth, increase visitors’ exposure to your branding and products, promote specials, and make announcements. Use them at your booth to highlight your latest product, or to point out the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of the products displayed next to it. Increase your social media exposure by using banner stands to encourage visitors to share something about your brand and product with their social media contacts. The possibilities for boosting your trade show marketing efforts by using brand-customized banner stands are nearly endless, but there are some common mistakes that can derails your marketing efforts, too.


  • The Good – Good branding on a banner stand requires consistency with your branding package, so that the appearance, tone, and style of the messages on your banners leave visitors with a sense of recognition and a positive impression. Include your company logo near the top, and include plenty of white space around any text on the banner, so that visitors can absorb the message quickly, almost without thinking about it. Create a fun spectacle or a beautiful scene on your banners, and visitors will want to take pictures with them and share with their friends.


  • The Bad – One of the most common mistakes in banner design is giving in to the temptation of filling the space with too many words and images. A busy banner is a bad banner because it can overwhelm viewers and cause them to walk on and reject whatever message you intended to convey. Use a single, large image and limit text to short, punchy phrases in a heavy, large font that’s consistent with your brand package. Creativity is a wonderful thing, but in the case of banner design, creativity has to be governed by consistency, or your branding may become diluted or unrecognizable.


  • The Ugly – Banners are a visual medium, and they excel at communicating through graphics. Customizing banner stands for your brand requires that you back up good design with crisp, sharp professional images and premium printing on quality material, which you can get with a trade show company like InterGlobal Exhibits. If you’re working with a full service trade show house, their designers should keep you out of the ugly zone, but if you’re planning to handle the design in-house, be careful. You need to start with a high-resolution photo or vector graphic that looks absolutely perfect on your computer display, because any imperfections that exist in the photo or graphic will be painfully obvious when it’s blown up to banner size. Also, be sure that you’re working with fully scalable type fonts, or you may end up with giant printed text that looks like the blocky 8-bit graphics from 1987.

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