When you talk about Internet packages, Mobilink Jazz simply rules as a king in this attitude. With the best quality, the most exciting offers, the world’s customer service and the lowest prices, the company has been able to secure its market share easily for decades.

The importance of the Internet to young people is not something we can talk about. They want to update everything on social networks and express their emotions. That’s why jazz has adapted its Internet packages so that all different needs can be easily supported. Someone who wants to enjoy the Internet all day without losing the signals for a second gets it. Similarly, those using smaller MBs may use a different packet.

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Mobilink’s Internet Jazz packages offer subscribers the fastest Internet at a very high speed that can compete with any other mobile network in Pakistan. Internet Jazz packages offer Internet services and unlimited services to subscribers.

You do not have to see here and there what special Jazz Internet packages have to offer, the excerpt talks about everything
Mobilink Jazz Daily Internet Package:
• To register, simply select * 114 * 1 #
• For UN subscriptions, simply select * 114 * 1 * 4 #
• The daily fee includes a subscription fee of Rs.9.99.
• Provides data volumes of 100 MB.
• It applies for 24 hours.
• You can easily do your job. make Skype, use WhatsApp and stay with Facebook or anything, effortlessly.

Package Internet Mobilink Jazz 3 days:
• To subscribe, simply select * 114 * 8 #
• For UN subscriptions, simply select * 114 * 8 * 4 #
• Subscription costs for this package are Rs.18.
• The number of data available is 300 MB.
• The validity period is 3 days.
• Even if you are not a very intelligent Internet individual, your minimal use adds it to that particular package.

Internet Package Mobilink Jazz Weekly:
• To subscribe, simply select * 114 * 7 #
• For UN subscriptions, simply select * 114 * 7 * 4 #
• The registration fee for the weekly package is Rs.34.99.
• The amount of data available is 500.
• The validity of the package is 7 days.

Mobilink Jazz Mini Package:
• To subscribe, simply select * 114 * 3 #
• For UN subscriptions, simply select * 114 * 3 * 4 #
• The subscription fee for the package is Rs.1 per MB.
• Validity is 24 hours.
• One day, look for your Wi-Fi, enjoy!
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