CES 2019 | MSI is getting serious about laptops outside of just gaming

MSI is making gaming laptops for over a decade, which is our quickest review model found in February 2008. Laptop gaming has become one of the largest players in the world, in order to participate in the manufacturer’s market and volume of modeling models. Over $ 3000. On this occasion, a company can only grow as much as it fears against its rival competitors.

The next step for MSI is to cabbage in markets outside of gaming, which include mobile work works and ultrabics. According to Product Manager Manager Cliff Chen, this year, at least one third of its resources will invest in the products outside the gaming laptop – the biggest investment for investors. This means that we will see more mobile work, more overwhelming, and maximum color correct monitoring on professional users in the near future.

We already know that MSI is selling mobile workstations in the past few years like WS63 and WE72. However, these models are just re-brands of gaming GS63 and GE72, with GTX GPUs converted out to Quadro equations. MSI promises to have new designs in future jobs that improve professional users. For the last year’s PS42 Prestige creation, there was a complete original development chassis that was not a target of game G series.

As the ultroxics, MSI will soon fight the fight against the Dale XPS 15, Ascending Zoobook Pro 15, the HP Speaker x360 15, the Savvy Metbook DD, and the other widely 15-inch multimedia machines. OEM last week revealed its PS63 modernization in Las Vegas that it is likely to be the most competitive XP player directly. The laptop pair is a 15W ULV Intel CPU with a GTX 1050 Tie Mac-Q GP-U- an extraordinary collection is expected to expect better than XPS 15 or Zenbook Pro Pro 15. Edit.

We will be closely observing how MSI gets out of its comfort zone of gaming laptops. Based on the PS42 pressures and P65 crew already released, there is a long way to go to the OEM before the product can get the same crunch and hardness as seriously as the XPS or the Spectrum series. The MSI will make it better than the time, but they will have to do this faster if they intend to influence the flag’s flag’s ultrabub market.