Cell Phone Radiation is Harmful to the Body

With the amount of people using cell phones continues to increase, a common discussion about the threat of using them has become prominent. Cell phones, like all other electronic devices give of some level of radiation. While many people are not so concerned about this topic, there are many that devote their time to researching the harmful effects of cell phone radiation. There are several studies that show there are reasons to show concern about the overuse of cell phones and what it can do to your body. There are several ways to protect yourself from the radiation given off from cell phones and the products at Aires Tech can help with this.


How a Cell Phone Works

For a cell phone to work it gives off a radiofrequency through its antenna to a much larger tower that allows the phone to receive and send various messages and calls. The radiofrequency that is used is labeled as non-ionizing which means that it is not on a high frequency. The fact that a low frequency is used does not mean that there is no harm done, however. The level of radiation given off by a cell phone not stop because you aren’t physically using the phone. The only way to stop the radiation is to turn the phone off. The fact that a cell phone is consistently giving off radiation is the reason you shouldn’t have it close to your body.

What a Cell Phone Can Do to You

There are several ways that the radiation emitted from a cell phone can harm you and while some may say that these effects are not serious, they can become serious as the use of cell phones has increased dramatically. Not only are they used by more people, but they are also used for longer periods of time, making the effects more noticeable. Some studies have shown that cell phones can affect your mood and even your stress level. They can also raise your blood pressure during use and some recent studies have shown that benign tumors could form. One of the most sensitive areas of the body that is affected by cell phone radiation is the eyes. The radiation from a cell phone creates heat in the body and the eyes are extra sensitive to heat as they do not have enough blood vessels to move the heat away from the sensitive organs. The heat can also cause cataracts to form in the eye, however it is very uncommon as there is not enough watts of power given off through a cell phone.

There are many people that will claim that a cell phone cannot harm you, however there are many recent studies that can show there are harmful effects that come from using a cell phone on a regular basis. The constant radiation given off from a cell phone can harm sensitive organs in the body when in contact with the radiation over long periods of time. While some people feel that the radiation is not strong enough to harm you, many studies have shown otherwise.