How Can You Protect Your Email Server?

Email servers remain vulnerable due to threats of hackers and other spamming activities. It is very important for businesses to take adequate action and employ anti-spam protection techniques. To start with, it is very important for businesses to learn about the importance of email server security, no matter whether the service is cheap or costly.


Email Server Security – Importance


It is known to every business with online works that how important cyber security is. There is nothing to overstate. Nowadays, almost all businesses have automated processes (either fully or to a certain extent) and that’s why it is extremely important for them to take adequate measure and protect themselves from all kinds of vulnerabilities. Some of the most common ways through which vendors protect costly and cheap email servers is through use of –


  • Anti reverse engineering
  • Anti malware


One of the main aspects that remain significantly vulnerable is communication. Just like most businesses, you must be using emails to make most of the communications. This means that most of the important data are stored on email servers and then transferred online through internet. That’s why the need of securing email servers becomes that much more important.


Though the issue is important and the problem has been zeroed down, it is not that simple to implement. When it comes to protection of important data at email servers, the most important problem here is the need for protecting outgoing data. This can be done through –


  • Use of encryptions , and
  • Send it to the right recipients


Supposedly, the most important thing here is to protect server from incoming emails. This is extremely important because you never know which attachment of a mail is malware-ridden. In fact, the ransomware and denial of service attacks have become more prevalent nowadays and the businesses must be able to get rid of them or protect themselves from these unwanted attacks.


So, what this article intends is to –


  • Protect cheap email servers from spam and other cyber security threats
  • Provide adequate tips for detecting, evaluating, and fixing vulnerabilities


How can you Deal with Vulnerabilities?


Every breach of cyber security is essentially vulnerability for a business or an individual. If you want to weed out all of them, it is simply not possible. Therefore, we must know the boundaries and do what is practically achievable.

To protect yourself from all kinds of cyber security problems, the easiest way to take protection is to follow the best practices of cyber security regarding setting up the server or even maintaining the same. What are those best practices? Let’s find out –


  • Minimum data storage amount


It is always desirable that you store minimum amount of data in the server of the cheap email provider. Always try to get rid of the unnecessary data in the server because they can potentially be harmful and may help the cyber attackers in making an attack. First of all check whether any unnecessary software is being used. Also check whether all the opened ports are used and at the same time protected thoroughly.


  • Is the cheap email server up to date?


If your email server is up to date, there is hardly anything that you have to worry about because all the security patches as well as fixes are available to you.


  • Are you employing a strong authentication procedure?


Always try to implement a complex password so that it becomes tough for the hackers to crack the server’s access. You can also protect server from unauthorized access by using SMTP authentication.c