Asus ROG Strix Scar II

Ventant Peter

Assassins have killed their laptops at this time. While their top-end offers are especially exquisite, it’s their middle-range lineing that affects me most. RPG’s RGG Strip line, especially in 2018, has seen some of the key jumps in both external and internal designs, this is one of the best lines of gaming laptops at this time. I spent a week or so with the GL504 Scary II and (Error Alert).


OS: Windows 10 Home

Processor: Intel Core i7-8750H

Graphics: Nvidia GeForece GTX 1070, 8GB GDDR5 VRAM

Memory: 2666MHz SDRAM (dual-channel), 16GB


Display: 15.6-inch non-glare IPS FHD (1920×1080), 144 Hz, 100% sRGB

Audio: 2x Speaker with Smart Amp Technology

Weight: 2.4kg

Dimensions: 36.1cm x 26.2cm x 2.61cm

Design and Build

Sukkur 2, as the present trend seems to be much compact than its predecessors. The smallest selling point of this laptop has its small impact and its small impact, but it does not look too much at first glance, but it makes it a great deal of experience. It’s a difficult thing to put in words, to be honest, but the difference between night and day is that when you see yourself. To make the top and the sides for small seeds, the bezel down the bottom of Asus was made, which is now where the webcam is. While it makes it well for angle of unflattering camera, it has the effect towards pushing the push to the screen which is more ergonomically possible viewing angle.

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And while Scary II II is not lightweight than II GL503 models, thanks to small seeds. This 15-inch laptop is busy in my messenger bag, where there are no other 15-inch-inch laptops. The size really speaks for itself, you get the same size of the screen on smaller devices.

The Scar 2 has a lot of study laptops, which have no fixing on the keyboard or screen frame, internal chassis are completely made of plastic. Thankfully, the laptops have been poured out so it will not be sharp on long-term use against your hands (a common problem with gaming laptops). Cameras and carbon fiber compounds on laptops offer the appearance of the FNSSR rifle that fits well with the theme, because the laptop specifically for competitive FPS games. Was designed However, the aesthetics can limit potential buyers as people like themselves, especially not the cameras. A cleaner of the same device will release visible releases that will be a long way to ashes.

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The Scar 2 is one of the laptops that is difficult to find errors. Yes, webcam positioning is a trash and a keyboard layout and key size can stand to be a bit better, but when you are actually 15 inches laptops, the smaller than the other 15-inch laptops are at high Wichter 3 runs everything, it’s very little to complain about. Maximum militants GAMER (™) are played at least a bit of aerial, but everything is considered, Scare 2 is the best weapon of the best.