Computers over the last couple of years have gone through a significant hardware upgrade. The hardware we see years ago that have fetched large prices in the market are starting to come down in pricing. A big reason for that is because these PC components are becoming more and more the standard of computing power. The SSD drive is a strong example of this.

While PCs have gone through a significant improvement in its hardware, the customer can still add to their PC to enhance their experience. There are a number of PC accessories that can be added to any work station that would improve the overall productivity and function of the user. Reviews Radar has an excellent selection of must-have PC accessories.


Otherwise, below is a list of PC accessories that we highly recommend.


Wireless Mouse

The wired mouse was a device that has long been outdated and obsolete. Nowadays, many computer setups include a wireless mouse. A wireless mouse removes the hassle of wires and enables the user to be able to use their PC to its fullest capabilities without pesky setbacks.

To be even more creative with wireless mice, you can set up your station for HD entertainment media. If you own a laptop, it’s entirely possible to use an HDMI cable and duplicate your laptop screen onto a monitor. Afterwards, you can use your monitor as if it were a TV. Using a wireless mouse, you’d be able to control your PC if you were sitting on the couch or your bed. Such ease could never be accomplished with a wired mouse.


Wireless Keyboard

Going hand in hand with the wireless mouse, a wireless keyboard would be a great companion accessory to the wireless mouse. Similar to the wireless mouse, a wireless keyboard would enable you to type without having to have yourself in front of a work station. You’d be able to browse the internet and do many other things in the comfort of your couch or your bed.

Best of all, because of technology improvements, wireless keyboards are now highly affordable. You can pick one up at your local electronics store from some of the best brands at a very reasonable price.


Gaming Headsets

While the gaming headsets are naturally geared towards gamers, the everyday user would also benefit from owning one. Having a headset is incredibly useful if you often find yourself in video calls with your friends and family. In addition to relaying commands to your allies in an attempt to overcome your enemies, the gaming headset provides a number of additional features that would enhance your overall user experience.

Virtual Reality Headset

While virtual reality is still in its infant stages, if you’re able to get your hands on one, this could add a whole new level of fun to your computing experience. Many of the virtual reality headsets today come with open sourcing, which means that if you’re a developer, you’d be able to use the software from the headset to create your own virtual realities.

External Hard Drives

Many people won’t think about external hard drives because their computer usually comes with enough storage to begin with. Even if that’s the case, having an external hard drive can not only provide you with more storage capacity, but it can also serve as a hub for many of your personal files as well.

Remember that once your PC is damaged or stolen, it tends to be irreversible. However, having an external hard drive means that you’ll be able to back up all your personal files and media files without a sweat. Therefore, during a case of emergency, you can trust and rely that your external hard drive has come to your rescue.


Anti-Glare Screen

No doubt that many people using PCs will spend large amounts of time on their computers. The computer has been so ingrained into our lives that it’s difficult to imagine going through the day without using one. With the internet and countless number of things you can do online, it’s no wonder that a majority of people nowadays will spend their time on their computer.

That’s why it’s important to protect your eyes for the long-term. Having an anti-glare screen will provide your eyes with a little bit more comfort if you’re staring at a screen all day. These are usually very affordable and adds a layer of privacy too. You cannot go wrong with an ant-glare screen.