Technology has been growing step by step. And now was the right time to take a jump from the crawling steps. The major issue that the organization faced is of speed and accuracy of doing the tasks. Earlier an organization used to give the work to the human resource and they take some time to complete those tasks because everything was manual. And after that work was done there might be some inaccuracy and they need to be corrected. Even that wasted time even more. But with the advent of changing technology organizations have changed their goal from manual to automaton.

This automation is done with the help of Artificial Intelligence. There are many artificial intelligence companies that provide computer programming in organizations. Artificial Intelligence is a broad framework of automation. Everything that is done by the software of any company is with the help of artificial intelligence. There is a portion of AI known as Machine Learning. Machine learning is a type of computer programming and understands automatically how to do a particular task and how to increase performance. Artificial intelligence also helps in finding the links between data. Suppose there is a target variable (whose value you need to find) and there is numerous information related to it given which is known as a feature. AI helps in finding the link between the two variables even if something is known about them or unknown. The application of AI has helped a lot of firms grow and achieve accuracy and content detection. AI basically works much faster than the human brain and that is what makes it accurate. Some of the advantages of Artificial Intelligence are:

  • Accuracy of work: The work done by the program becomes even more accurate due to the automation of different tasks of organizations.
  • Less time to do work: It takes really less time as compared to the time taken by humans to compare the same task.
  • Solution providing: They provide solution to the organization for every query that arises.
  • Less cost for the organization: Earlier the cost incurred to give the tasks to human resources was much higher than what now AI provides.
  • Helping the investment industry: The investment industry uses AI technology to place the trade at the best possible price and to place the trade on the market news. This also helps in reducing the losses.

As everything has its own advantages and disadvantages even AI has some disadvantages. Some of them are:

  • It increases the dependency on machines and every task is done through the machine. Human brains are used much less than they were used before this technology.
  • The cost to implement AI is quite high and many organizations had to spend a lot of amount on it.
  • With the use of AI technology, the employee’s work gets restricted to the only task that they have been told to do. Other tasks are done by AI and employees don’t get exposure to a variety of tasks.

Artificial intelligence solutions are provided by many companies but as said earlier it is costly. But overall the AI technology has helped in changing the way of doing tasks and even after this technology the demand for human resource remains.