Apple Watch vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch: Which should you buy


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Design and durability

The difference between the two watches is their form: Apple Watch is a square face, while the galaxy watch is round.

We like the Galaxy Clock’s eye-catching screen because it looks like an Angela watch. There is also a sense of rotating settings or rotating around the screen to navigate via notifications. This is really a pleasant resort in which “clicks” each time you change it, Apple Watch has a limited amount of hippatic feedback on the opposite side of the digital crown. The Galaxy Watch Seeds feel like a more natural way to talk with a little crown clock.

But the galaxy clock is thicker than the Apple clock, which means it is more likely to be caught on coat sleeves. During exercise, excess thickness and weight was the most prominent, because it was not sitting on my wrist and was heavy, although big wrists could not have similar experiences.

The galaxy clock comes in a black or silver end in both sizes, and the gold option for the 42 mm version. Apple Watch has gold, space gray or silver options for all sizes.

If you want to change your look by changing the straps, there are less public straps for galaxy watch than Apple Watch – but many third parties are available for both.

It is easy to look at both external screens. The super AMOLED screen on a galaxy clock may look a bit bright while watching at the sunlight, but it is also less responsive when you pick up your wrist to sweep it.

Smartview features are neck and neck

Galaxy Clock is compatible with Android and iOS, while Apple Clock can be used only with an iPhone.

Here is what both can do in:

Get more information from your phone
Run third party apps

Make mobile payments through Apple Pay or Samsung Payment. Note that the galaxy clock is just like GPS support, like NFC, Samsung Pay on Galaxy Phones.
Track manually and automatically activities
Track your way with GPS

Sound Cinema (Apple Clock) or Musical Assistant (Galaxy Clock)

Receive and call, send messages and get notifications without LTE without your phone, if you pay extra money for cellular models
Take the watch to lift, although sometimes the galaxy does not activate the clock
The cheapest galaxy clock is $ 270 in the US (£ 279, AU $ 549). Add another $ 70 to LTE.

The cheapest Apple Clock is $ 399 (£ 399, AU $ 599) and you have to pay $ 100 for LTE.

Although Samsung is compatible with iOS and Android, you can do something if you’re connected to an iPhone. For example, if you are connected to the Apple iPhone, you will not be able to answer messages.

Both are easy to see notifications, but the rotating bazel made it very easy to track the information on this galaxy clock – just swing to the swipe and badge just to the screen. Galaxy Watch is the only one that helps you keep your display at all times, if you want to see the time.

Although both watches are limited to limit their voice assistant than the version of the phone, the cranes are more quickly and more responsive than bobbies.

Welcome to health and fitness tracking on Apple Clock

Both Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch have plenty of features to monitor your vitamins.

Apple Watch, while Galaxy Watch 39. Both have you allowed to track any other type of exercise under “Second” category under the track.

Every clock gives you an alert and vibration when it detects some type of exercise, usually 5-10 minutes before its activity. But they are limited to the number of activities that you can find for. Both of them walk on the go and some jams do machines, but only Apple watches will automatically switrate, and only automotive watch cycling can automate.

Apple Watch has kept the ECG cleaner on the board. This can alert you when it detects extraordinary such as high or low heart rate, or unregistered rhythm that can auto-fusion signal. Another feature warns your loved ones and emergency services if it turns out that you have taken bad autumn.

Galaxy Watch uses heart rate sensor for maintenance purposes and to track stress levels. And the galaxy clock automatically tracks your sleep if you get it to bed, unlike the Apple Clock. It breaks the sleep period and quality.

Here are other fitness features on these watches:

Apple clock has a three-circle system to quantify your activities during a day: a move, exercise and stand ring
Galaxy Clock has advised you to be inactive for some time, like torso twist
Apple Clock has custom speed warnings that tell you whether you’re moving forward or falling behind your target
Share your activities with friends on both watches and attend the competition
Apple Watch has distributed health-tracking among two apps on the phone: activity and health. Galaxy Watch is Samsung Health app

Music and Podcast

Apple watches and galaxy watches listen to the tune of your phone, without any exercise, without both wireless headphones.

You can store songs directly from your library on the Apple Clock, or you can run on LTE if you subscribe to Apple Music. Apple watch also lets you listen to Podcast in the local app. Spotify is also available, but during written time, the functionality is basic: when you have access to your phone, you can use the watch to control the playback, but you can not start listening to listen offline.

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Galaxy Clock also lets you move your songs to your computer, as long as they are on the same WiFi network. You have to move the podcast in this way and instead of listening to the music app instead of a standpoint cast app.

Galaxy Watch has wonderful battery life

There is no competition here when battery life comes. We both watch with them, get the same information on each and they use both of them to track unnatural exercises without LTE.

With this typical use, the Apple Clock died one day and half, although you need to be around two days of 40 mm Apple Watch if you change the battery-saving feature.

But the 42 mm Galaxy Watch continued for at least one more day, so it gave about three days all day before the charge needed to be charged.

Samsung claims that 46 mm galaxy clock can reach battery life for four days, though we just tested the small version.

Enabling LTE activates the battery faster, as you expect. During an outdoor run, both watches are squeezing about the same rate, after 100 to 90 percent 35 minutes. We did not hear the music during exercise, but if you walk on LTE, expect the battery to be used in high speed.

It’s easy to charge each clock, because they both come with their charge pad. Apple Watch connects magnetically charged pads, while the Galaxy Watch sits in a pastor that protects it. The galaxy clock takes longer than Apple’s clock to take full charge.

So what’s the best smart watch?

Both great smartways are to keep track of your health, get information and gas!). If you want watch clock to be the most consistent with the platform, and the battery should be extended, then Galaxy Watch is the way to rotate. For iPhone users who want fitness tracking and additional health features – especially for heart problems – go to Apple Watch.

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