Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and FaceID updates showcased in new video

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Apple has been prepared to bring face recognition system on iPad face in the coming weeks in the coming weeks, so it understands that it will eventually take it to the MacBook Pro range.

And now thanks to a water-related video, we absolutely have a look at how a new face-ID is a MacBook.

The MacBook Pro 2020 introduced video, which was created and shared online by the concept of technology concept designer, fortunately displays notebooks from almost every angle.

The next-generation MacBook concept shown in the video is the same industrial design with the MacBook Pro with the touchbar that started by make-up in October 2016.

However, compared to the two ports available in the Apple Store, there are many fine communication features in the design, plus three USB-C ports on the left side of the Notebook.

The video is also stripping the headphone port from the Apple iPhone XS range and piles it with notebooks – which depends on the video machines in which video editors and other professionals It will be likely to grow stirred between.

On the other hand, the touchbar is reused to add rich icons to start applications installed on the machine, including Gmail, YouTube, Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, and Final Cut X.

See the Apple AppleBook 2020 video completely below:

Fantasy video also displays the touches information about applications installed on the machine – currently a quick reminder about the number of unwanted emails in your inbox.

Finally, Apple screwed the borders on the edge of the frame, almost all of the seeds around the display.
There is no such sign, instead of a thin seed with the top of the screen, the video call camera, infrared flood light and dot projector is used to verify its face.
It is obvious that this MacBook Pro is informal, but this industry is based on rumors.

It has been acknowledged that Apple needs its face-ip technology to rolling up to its maximum product in its lineup, it understands that the system will eventually come to the MacBook Pro Range in the future. .

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