AG Venugopal blames SC for ‘hitting’ mining, telecom and coal sectors


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Attorney General Cake Wangal said on Wednesday that issues related to the Supreme Court’s Air Force and Coal Mining’s specialty have affected the fields of telecom, mining and coal and initiatives taken on public interest cases. Emphasized on the budget.

On the verdict of the court ban on national highways as well, the Attorney General said: “Thousands of people have lost their jobs.” He also spoke with the decision of 2G and coal case, in which the court was in court Dell G7 15 Review.

“The FID was removed from canceling the license. Coal prices have increased and coal shortage,” the chief justice officer of the central government told a bench headed by Madan B. Lokar, when the court The government had demanded that the government expose more and more jails. Prisoners may enter regular audits and additional budget allocations.

On Tuesday, the court, Lokor, who was head of the bench of the court of social justice, expressed concern over the high events.

In response, Justice Lokore wanted to know that the government had not yet collected more than Rs. 1,50,000 crores by the court.

“These are lying neutral lies”, he said. It was collected by the CAMPA in relief, Karnataka and Goa, law enforcement agencies and the judge for illegal mining. He said “there is no shortage of funds”. “What are they using? When construction workers are unusual to buy laptops, and when Washington’s machines ..

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