A education startup story in China

“Education is our identification to the future, for tomorrow has a place with the individuals who plan for it today,” an astute man once said. Today, 448 million Chinese residents, or 67% of China’s Web clients, teach themselves on the web, Baidu’s 2016 report on patterns in education uncovered. The online education market is developing quick. By 2017 it will reach RMB 280 billion (USD 40.5 billion), and spot itself third in the position of China’s online enterprises. 

It is no big surprise then that endless organizations are going after their place under the sun by bringing advancements, for example, large information, distributed computing, computerized reasoning, and augmented reality into the education biological system. Today we present to you the 10 most encouraging on the web education startups in China. 

  1. Juesheng 
  • Established: 2012 
  • Organizer: Dixon Dai 
  • Clients: 35 million 

Financing status: RMB 200 million (USD 30 million) in arrangement C in 2015 

Organizer of Juesheng Education Gathering and previous VP of Qunar, one of China’s biggest online travel destinations, Dixon Dai chose to set up his own education organization after his child’s preparation school fled with his prepayment. The entirety of the past organizations Dai decided to work in, which beside Qunar incorporate Chinese online media Sina and web based business organization Dangdang Inc., were effective, so there was motivation to be idealistic from the earliest starting point. Juesheng, signifying “full triumph” in English, targets clients ages 3 to 22 and has different applications zeroing in on an expansive scope of O2O administrations, remembering a site for education. 

  1. Zhihui Shu 
  • Established: 2012 
  • Organizer: Yuan Shengjun 
  • Clients: 10 million 

Financing status: RMB 350 million (USD 51.7 million) in arrangement B in 2016 

As per its site, Zhihui Shu, or “Insight Tree”, is as of now the biggest stage for sharing school credits on the planet. The stage assembles around 10 million undergrads from in excess of 1900 schools and colleges in China. Zhihui Shu offers courses to advanced education foundations, trains speakers and offers confirmed testaments for certain online courses. Its parent organization is Capable Elec, a.k.a. Shanghai Zhuiyue Ruixin Advanced. 

  1. UMU 
  • Established: 2015 
  • Originator: Li Dongshuo 
  • Clients: Obscure 
  • Financing status: Obscure 

The originator of UMU, Li Dongshuo, said that he got the thought for his organization during the Google I/O engineer meeting as the overseer of business collaboration in Google More noteworthy China. He was only one of 10,000 members and he felt sorry he was unable to connect with either the speakers in front of an audience or with the individuals around him. This roused him to build up a site and application for instructors, coaches and speakers that causes them plan the system of their exercises, projects and speakers and cooperate with their crowd. As per Li, 80% of the corporate preparing establishments in China are UMU clients and his items are presently accessible in excess of 100 nations. 

  1. NetDragon 
  • Established: 1999 
  • Chief: Liu Luyuan 
  • Clients: Obscure 


Financing status: RMB 362 million (USD 52.5 million) in 2015 

Increased Reality (AR) is infiltrating into education, and game engineer NetDragon needs to be at the bleeding edge of this development in China. Subsequent to setting up its education division in China, Huayu Education, and procuring Promethean World, an intuitive learning innovation organization recorded in London, NetDragon chose to collaborate with Canadian ARHT Media in creating AR learning occasions with worldwide superstars. The first was a human multi dimensional image of American TV and radio personality Larry Ruler, communicated in Hong Kong straightforwardly from Los Angeles. 

NetDragon and ARHT are as of now chipping away at dispatching additionally learning occasions, for example, this with their online education joint endeavor. Huayu Education is additionally creating different types of online education, including intuitive study hall programming, informal communities, and cloud stages. 

  1. Yuanfudao 
  • Established: 2012 
  • Organizer: Li Xin 
  • Clients: More than 100 million 


Financing status: RMB 276 million (USD 40 million) in 2016 

Yuanfudao, recently known as Yuantiku, has created three items for China’s K-12 understudy populace. The first was Yuantiku, a test information pool exceptionally adjusted to China’s test-situated education. Versatile application Xiaoyuan Souti, or “Little Gorilla Search,” empowers understudies to take photographs of an inquiry and discover the appropriate response. Their third item, Yuan Fudao, or “Gorilla Coach” offers courses roused by the Khan Institute that highlight various kinds of courses. In July 2016 the initial two items had 20 million and 85 million clients separately; Yuan Fudao now has a week after week normal of 150,000 understudies taking its online courses.

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