A day without the mobile phone. Seems like a crazy idea, doesn’t it? Now, if you think about it, the first thing that you do every morning is a hecking your phone, what messages did you get, did anybody call you while you were asleep, oh and how can one forget social media? How many likes did that picture get? Where is your friend vacationing? You don’t want to miss out on anything, do you? We get you. In today’s day and age, it’s become almost impossible to think of a world without cell phones. We depend on them for everything and anything. It’s your mobile phone only that wakes you up every morning.

So, if you were given a challenge, say to not use your mobile phone for a day. How easy or difficult would it be for you? Or would you be able to do it at all? It’s even harder than it seems. Let’s try and think about the entire day and how and when you would miss using your phone entirely.

Imagine this- you are halfway to your work and you realize you have left your phone home. You possibly cannot go back now, since you just cannot afford to be late. How inadequate do you feel without that machine? Don’t let it get to you. You’ll be alright. Halfway through your day, you’ll find yourself thinking about your phone way many too many times. Probably more than you thought you would. Is this healthy? Healthy at all, to be so attached to a device that you feel incomplete without it? When did we get here?!

Okay, so now it’s your lunch break and you have this strong urge to check your phone. How you wish that it was here! How much you miss your phone! Who would have called? Who would have texted? Only if you hadn’t forgotten the damn thing at home. Sigh.

Time to leave work now; you’re travelling back, in the cab or the metro. It’s a long journey back, an hour or so. Let’s listen to some music, you think. As soon as you grab for your jeans pocket, it hits you again. YOU FORGOT YOUR PHONE, the love of your life. Any how, you some how manage it without the music.

Did you send that email to your colleague? You think.  Well, you can’t possibly know, you don’t your phone. Poor phone, all alone in the house. You promise yourself to never do it again and get your phone new covers and Mobile Skins, once you get back. Just as a sorry. But, there’s nothing really you can do about it, right now. So, let’s distract the mind.

Okay, you’re finally home, you run and grab your phone- check the messages, calls, social media etc. And, you think, was it really worth it? The madness in your mind!

Many studies reveal that people check their mobile phones at least 34 times a day, every so often with only a 10-minute break between checks. Now isn’t that sad?  Technology is n a no doubt a boon to all of us. But too much of addiction, can have consequences.