What is Personal Digital Assistant and its use in your daily life?

Personal assistant is a very familiar term for everyone, and every businessman has a personal assistant to assist them in managing their timetable and work. Personal assistants have been here for quite a long time now, but now with the advancing technology, they are also having an evolution. The latest buzz in the town is about personal digital assistants, which are primarily personal assistants but in the form of AI (artificial intelligence) not human. Digital personal assistants have been gaining recognition since the time Apple launched its Siri, its personal digital assistant (PDA). Many companies have followed up apple since then and have introduced their own personal digital assistants, PDAs are now widely used in cars for many purposes, there are many benefits of personal digital assistants, some of them being:

Low Operating Costs – Personal digital assistants are a lot cheaper to operate than hiring a person for the same job.

More Efficient – Digital assistants are a lot more efficient when compared to their counterparts, i.e., humans, humans are still prone to making mistakes whereas A.I based personal assistants leave no chances of error.

Reduces the chance of accidents – When you have an A.I enabled personal digital assistant in your car it is highly unlikely that you will take hands off the steering control to control anything in the car. With a digital personal assistant, you can simply call out its name and interact with it and give a command.

Continuously Evolving – They regularly upgrade itself with the help of OTA updates and even improves the understanding of the person, they adopt the style of talking, accent, grammar use, etc., for better understanding and capabilities.

Flexible – You have a lot of options in terms of personal digital assistants, there are many in the market, and you can choose one according to your convenience and suitability.

Real-time Status – If you have a PDA in your car then it can be very beneficial as it can tell a lot about your car and update you. PDA can inform you if there is any problem with the car or not, and information about service intervals, etc.

Fully Intractable – With PDAs, you can full have conversations like you have with a human being and can even fulfill your complex requests, this makes the driving experience a safer bet.

Can be used by anyone – Another benefit of PDA is that anybody in the car can interact with them and command them which makes them more accessible.

PDAs have advanced a lot in the recent past and have gathered a lot of attention, they are present in most of the IoT devices and are easily accessible. The likes of Bixby a Samsung’s personal digital assistant and Alexa by Microsoft have proven the future will be full of intelligent personal assistants. PDAs have transformed how we live our lives earlier we used to be dependent on other things for any kind of chore activity and had to do it on our own, but now with these digital assistants in the market, all of the things can be controlled with the help your voice, and companies like Harman also offer these systems for cars. Technology is advancing on a daily basis, and it is surprising to see such a massive change in the past two decades, if we continue to progress like this then the future would be something we have never imagined. It would be quite impressive to see what holds for us in the future and what all can we achieve. All the advancement will only be useful if it is not at the cost of our planet.