boost a WiFi signal

7 Surefire ways to boost a WiFi signal

A weak WiFi signal can ruin your online life leading you to deepest frustration. Though you have set up one of the best extenders such as Netgear ex6100 extender perfectly, sometimes, you receive sluggish Internet speed. However, you don’t need to shell out a lot of dough on a spanking new router just because you are not able to perform online tasks. Instead, try these 7 free ways to boost a WiFi signal to a great extent. Let’s ring up the curtains from them.

  1. Use a wireless access point

Occasionally, businesses install dozens of APs for getting a full coverage into their buildings. Despite the fact that many homes won’t achieve advantages from possessing an AP, a large dwelling place can. These gadgets help existing signals cover hard-to-reach places.

While installing an AP in your home, you have to connect it to primary gateway. In addition to this, a second broadband router may be utilized rather than a typical access point since many home devices come with an access point mode for this purpose. As soon as you have set up a router, go to mywifiext and configure its settings as per your own preferences.

  1. Don’t forget to reboot

If nothing works for you, power off your device once for a few moments and power it on again. Sometimes, a simple reboot is enough to significantly enhance your wireless speed as it deletes memory and lets new updates install.

  1. Try extender setup

A WiFi range extender, repeater or booster is an individual unit placed within the range of current router. It helps you improve the speed and coverage of existing signals. These are pocket-friendly for customers and provide support for nearly all modern modems and APs. In order to setup extender WiFi, open a web browser and log in to web user interface by using the IP address of router.

After that, enter extender setup key and select a WiFi network you want to boost. Unplug your device and turn it on again after a few minutes. Now, connect to the extended network and enjoy seamless connectivity throughout the home or office.

  1. Reposition router

The range of a conventional wireless network doesn’t provide you fast speed of Internet into an entire home. Physical barriers and distance from AP can make an intense effect on signal strength. Try relocating your access point in different directions to avoid interference and obstacles. The main sources of signal hurdles in homes are microwave ovens, large metal objects, brick walls, and cordless phones. However, in some cases, putting your router at a higher place can improve the range and coverage of signals.

  1. Opt for a signal amplifier

As its name signifies, it amplifies signals in both broadcasting as well as receiving directions. This is vital as WiFi transmissions are also known as two-way radio communication. All you have to do is add an amplifier to your home network and have the benefit of increasing Internet speed.

  1. Ditch an outdated router

As with all devices, manufacturers make enhancements to their equipments from time to time. In case you have been utilizing the same AP for years, its manufacturer has introduced various latest versions with bug fixes. So, buy a current-generation router like 802.11ac. Also, don’t forget to check its firmware version through If it is running older version, update it right away.

  1. Get a stronger antenna

Most of the APs include weak, small antennas because powerful ones tend to be horribly large. The antenna that came equipped with your router is perhaps a few inches tall and consists of almost 4dB gain. On the other hand, if an antenna’s height is between 10 to 15 inches tall, its gain will be 10dB. In case the size doesn’t matter for you at all, opt for a new, powerful antenna. It is the ultimate way to boost a WiFi signal at house or workplace without shelling out your hard-earned bucks on a new device.