7 Helpful Ways to Boost Sales of Online Shopping Site


Wondering how you are able to start increasing the sales of your online shopping site? Thinking how to get new clients and be able to keep the older ones? In this day and age, people do their shopping online and it’s important to take advantage the perks of having a business online.

Below are just some suggested tips you can use on your own online retail shop to boost its sale and continue to grow with loyal customers:

Enhance the website navigation.

The products you are offering on your online shopping site should be laid out properly and clearly so that visitors will be encouraged to buy something from you. Navigating your site is very important for the customers. If the site contains cluttered information and they are not able to find what they are looking for, they will leave your site and look for another one, and definitely will not come back any more.

Your web designer should understand the proper layout for your e-commerce site. Make sure it is user-friendly, simple, professional and consistent. Use a strong call to action to get them to buy. Ensure that you have minimized the number of clicks they need to do before reaching the checkout.

Offer free shipping at a certain amount.

You can offer free shipping for your products by doing these two things. First, you can bundle your products together so customers would buy more to get certain product. Second is setting a free shipping threshold on your shopping cart. Setting a threshold on shipping fee will make sure that customers can buy even more because there is a tendency that they will add more items to break the savings barrier.

Be honest on all the details of the products/services.

Customers value the openness and honesty of companies and these two things are always integrated in all aspects of consumer-business relationships. Your online shopping site must be clear about the costs, taxes, other charges, and delivery prices. Setup a FAQ (Frequently asked questions) page and include all the details about the products and purchasing procedure. In this way, you are pre-empting the questions of potential clients.

In addition, you should put all the needed contact information such as phone numbers and emails for further inquiry. It is important for clients to know that you are reachable in case of any additional inquiries and they need to clarify things, showing then that you are open for better communication.

Add appropriate images to make products more desirable.

Realistic and accurate images are important because it makes the products more tangible to the potential buyers, alluring them to buy your product. You can start doing this by test placing the images near the product description and then see if the sale increases compared to the product description without the image.

Create a responsible online customer service for the clients.

Customer service has been a vital part of any business. Clients appreciate big time if you respond to them quickly and be able to reply accurately. Sometimes a good customer service wins the heart of clients and they will definitely coming back because they know that the company is taking care of their needs including the polite and respectful company’s representatives.

Always respond relatively quickly to emails with a positive attitude in a conversational tone. If possible, you can share your names and personal email address so that customers feel important and in this way, a long lasting relationship is being created.

Begin a blog page for your online shopping site.

In this way, you can establish yourself as one of the leaders to look up to in your industry. It is a subtle way to promote your retail shop as well. Take Amazon for example, it has dedicated blog for different uses of certain product or recommendation for buyers to use this and that. In every blog post, you can include one relevant link back to your main product.

Just ensure that your blog post is informative and helpful for the client. Keep in mind that quality blogs will help growing your online retail shop.

Use the powerful social media for promotion.

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter have been relevant in various businesses today. People use social media for interaction, communication, getting information, and shopping as well. Take time and effort to build followers and get potential clients. Make sure that you are active as well in updating your social media account so people know that you can interact with them anytime.

Done reading? It’s for you to implement them!