5 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies from Experts


Do you want drive more traffic, generate more leads, convert them into paying customers through your digital marketing efforts? Well, who do not want that? Every business dreams about achieving all these goals but very few manage to turn this dream into reality. In this article, you will learn about tried and tested digital marketing strategies from digital marketing experts that can make it easier for you to achieve success.

Automate the Process

As a digital marketer, you are responsible for overseeing content marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing and social media marketing to name just a few. Add to that the tracking and monitoring and you will have your work cut out. Lumar Hall, Founder of Organic Clicks and SEO Expert think that, “The hardest part of scaling my digital marketing agency is to create processes that make system function without me having involved in the day to day technical work of the digital marketing strategy.” According to him, “Maximizing capacity and growth in a cost effective way is important for success and it can only be achieved through marketing automation.”

Build Relationships

Digital marketing is all about building relationships. Unfortunately, this is what digital marketing agencies and digital marketers do not understand which is why their marketing campaigns never achieves success it should. Instead of being too pushy about sales, focus on building connections and relationships because, relationship marketing creates brand loyalty and fosters trust. That is what you should focus on with your digital marketing efforts. Nathan Pirtle, a digital marketing specialist and founder of Work with the coach said, “The reach of relationships is powerful marketing within your social community, and you should be taking advantage of it every day.”

Deliver Value through Content

Jerod Morris, Vice President of Marketing Rainmaker digital and contributor for Copyblogger suggest digital marketers to “Think about your audience before you start, but know that you will only know so much. Then listen and your audience will tell you what works and what they crave more of. If you do this over a long haul, you will win.” In simple terms, you should find out what you can do to reduce the pain and suffering by solving their problems. The best way to do that is through dishing out content that is target towards solving the problem of your target audience.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Sam Hurley is the founder of OPTIM-EYEZ and head of search marketing Midas Media. He is the lateral thinking, #1 digital marketer. With almost 8 years of digital marketing experience, he has helped businesses in converting website visitors into paying customers. He shares his story by saying, “My story is a little different! I built my audience and business on social media, without a website.” He further adds, “Sometimes, growth can be hiding under a stone you never before thought to un-turn and you may just need to shut the door or other activities to discover it.” Use existing and emerging social media channels tell your story to the masses. You can easily target specific groups and audiences through features like Snapchat stories, Instagram stories and instant articles on Facebook.

Keep Learning and Adapting

Doug Kessler is a Co founder and Creative Director of Velocity Partner, a B2B content marketing & web design agency. According to him, “Growth is change and change is hard. We always have to learn which parts of business-which systems, processes, methodologies are important to fight for and which are better to let go of. The important thing is that the values that drive that culture do not change. Integrity, mutual respect, no blames, respect for audience, serving clients by challenging them and never stopping to learn. If we betray these values, we become hacks.” To sum it all up, continuous learning and adapting according to the changing environments are key to success in digital marketing.


Success in today’s competitive digital marketing industry is hard to come by. You need to build relationship with your audience, deliver engaging content that solves their problems and promote it through social media. Automating redundant tasks will help you to focus fully on revenue generating marketing activities. Lastly, stay in the learning mode all the time and adapt according to dynamic environment to succeed. If you know about any other effective digital marketing strategy, feel free to share it with us in comments section below.