5 Best Android Phones Of 2017

Android has overtaken Apple as the most popular mobile operating system years ago for a few reasons. However, the biggest reason why many buyers choose Android over iOS is the diversity: there are thousands of Android-based smartphones and only a dozen of iPhone models. 2017 promises to be a very interesting year for Android phones, and you can find out which models are worth your attention right now. Buy your new mobile phone on Jiji – https://jiji.ng/mobile-phones – to take advantage of the lowest prices for technology in Nigeria.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

There aren’t too many smartphone buyers who have never heard of the famous Samsung Galaxy lineup of phones, but this year Samsung is expected to release its most visually arresting model yet. It has a 5.5-inch curved display, a 12MP camera, and competitive water resistance characteristics.

Google Pixel XL

Many smartphone brands have tried to design a viable competitor to the iPhone, but Google’s Pixel XL model has come the closest. Here you will find all of the features iPhone is renowned for in the tech community, except for the operating system, which in this case, will be the latest version of Android released to date.

Moto X Play

The brand new Motorola model features the familiar Moto design, but inside it’s a phone that can rightfully compete with the leaders of the mid-range segment. There is a 5.5-inch display and a 21MP camera, but the best thing about this model is its battery life that will allow you to go for two days without charging your phone, which is super rare for Android phones that can only last up to one day on a single charge.

HTC 10

HTC is known for producing reliable and technically advanced phones, but the HTC 10 is one of the most noteworthy releases of the year. With a 5.2-inch display, Unibody design, and USB-C fast charging, you’ll get a capable and good-looking phone that is an ideal choice for music fans thanks to the BoomSound technology that makes listening to music a truly exciting experience.


With the G5 LG introduced a brand new generation of smartphones – modular phones, where you can replace standard parts of the device with various addons. Although this technology still needs perfecting, it’s still a very interesting release. Other tech specs of the LG G5 include a 5.3-inch Quad-HD screen, a dual back camera, and USB C charging technology that allows the device to charge faster than ever.