4 Must-Have Items for Digital Nomads

The idea of running a business in the 21st century is much different to what we had in the past. Namely, instead of spending most of your day in your top-floor office or in boardroom meetings, present day entrepreneurs are constantly on the move. As for their office, well, most of it fits on their laptop or smartphone. Still, running a business on the go is far from easy, which means that you’ll need every ounce of help you can possibly get. With that in mind, here are four must-have items for every digital nomad out there.


1.     An eBook reader

Regardless of how much work you have ahead, it is important that you find some ‘you-time’. Ideally, reading is something you would do in your living room or bedroom, but being resourceful means making the most of what you’ve got. Therefore, a quality eBook reader that you can take on a flight can be a lifesaving gadget. While some may disagree with the fact that this gadget takes the first spot on this list, keep in mind that there are numerous self-improvement books that can help you become a better entrepreneur. In order to make this even better, you might want to look for the non-glaring model.

2.     Noise canceling headphones

Another item that deserves a place on this list is a pair of quality noise canceling headphones. Sometimes, your eyes will be so sore and tired from the road that the idea of reading (even from a non-glaring eBook reader) will be quite unappealing. In this situation, you might want to just tune out and listen to an audiobook or even play some music. Still, the outside noises may significantly diminish your enjoyment or even completely rob you of it. With a noise canceling headphones, you will be able to do all that and even catch forty winks on the flight. In many situations, this can make all the difference between being completely exhausted and being able to give it your best.

3.     Portable battery or an adapter

In the introduction, we mentioned that your laptop and your smartphone are there to replace your office. Well, if this is the case, your battery dying while on a trip seems like an equivalent of being locked out of the office. Those who often travel internationally are probably aware of the fact that most countries have their own unique wall sockets. In order to be able to recharge your laptop or smartphone there (or your eBook reader for that matter), you need to have an appropriate adapter. On the other hand, in some situations, you won’t have the luxury of time, or even power source, to recharge these devices, which is why having a portable battery may seem like a lifesaving idea.

4.     Luggage GPS

During an important business trip, the last thing you need is for your luggage to get stolen or misplaced. First of all, as disastrous as losing your luggage can be, sometimes the loss of time and the stress caused by this, right before an important meeting, might be even worse. Luckily, all of this can be avoided by getting a luggage GPS. With the help of this wallet-sized gadget, you can make the retrieval of your luggage much less complicated.


Even though the above-listed four items might not be on the top of your packing list, every single one of them can be completely invaluable on your business trip. Sure, some would argue that one would be able to travel just as efficiently without them. Still, it takes a single trip aided with these amazing gadgets to completely alter your perspective on this matter. To make the long story short, the price of traveling comfort has never been more affordable.

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