4 Essential Tips for Rookie WordPress Users

With more and more people deciding to shop online, starting your own WordPress e-commerce store is a great idea. And even though this content management platform is quite easy to use, doing some research before you start can really pay off. Fail to do this and you might end up not seeing the results you initially hoped for. That being said, we’ve come up with four essential tips that are going to set every rookie WordPress user up for success.

Remove the plugins you don’t use

Plugins have surely helped WordPress become the popular platform it is today. Still, when you’re just starting out, you might want to give all the plugins you can find a go. Of course, the more plugins you install, the more options you’ll have, but overloading your site with an abundance of plugins when you have just started using WordPress is never a good idea. The plugins you don’t really need are only going to make it more difficult for you to set up your site and they’ll slow it down. So, if there are any plugins you tried but you’ve stopped using, make sure you remove them from your website.

Keep your software up to date

Even if you’re still learning how to use WordPress, it’s very important that you keep it up to date. Also, you should make sure all of your themes and plugins are up to date as well. This is the case because WordPress is constantly improving and with each update, there are new functions and features added. Therefore, not updating means you won’t be able to use all the latest options WordPress has to offer. Moreover, hackers tend to target WordPress sites just like any others and you’ll want to keep yours as secure as possible. And your website will be at a higher risk of hacker attack if you don’t keep it up to date.

Find a good host

Since you’re just starting out, it’s always recommended that you turn to experts who can make it much easier for you to run your new WordPress. There are professionals who offer managed WordPress hosting services and work with millions of WordPress users. They optimize your WordPress website for you, which makes running your site a real piece of cake. They’ll also keep your website secure and extremely fast. Rookie WordPress users should always turn to experts like this if they’re serious about running a WordPress website. Services like this don’t cost too much and you’ll be able to run your website without having to spend a real fortune.

Know the benefits of website caching

No matter what kind of website you’re running, you’ll want to keep it as fast as possible. Fast-loading pages tend to give users a better browsing experience and help you rank better on search engines. This being said, you should always aim at making your WordPress site run faster. And one of the best ways to do this is to use a caching plugin. Plugins like this can improve the performance of your website in many different ways. Firstly, it will create an ultra-fast load time, which is exactly what you want. Furthermore, your images will be loaded only as a visitor scrolls down.

Follow these four tips and setting up your website shouldn’t be too difficult. Moreover, you’ll be able to create an amazing website the visitors are going to find attractive. Just make sure you stay on top of the most recent WordPress trends since there are always new plugins and tools released for this content management platform.