3 Things All Website Owners Can Learn from Instagram’s New Design


All leading brands including Airbnb, Oxford Dictionary, and Marriot Hotels gave their logo a new look and feel from time to time. Some of the bigwigs like Facebook and Google opted for logo redesign down the years. Even the photo-sharing social site revamped their design of late. Yes, we are talking about Instagram. You can join the bandwagon too and give your website the required facelift. Why your brand logo alone, how about enhancing the overall design and layout of your web pages? Instagram embraced a more minimalist approach to give user photos an alluring look. Here are three of the most important lessons that you can learn from Instagram’s new design:

  1. Keep Testing Your Design

The internet is a versatile and dynamic medium. Therefore, you cannot just sit back or relax and do nothing to improve your old website design. You need to survive in this stiff competition because even the big shots such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat are not sitting still. You need to stay updated as well as relevant. Test your design and tweak your design strategies to make your web pages look fresh and appealing. All design updates matter and can have a positive impression on your visitors. It also has an impact on your page click-through rates, conversions, and revenues. Optimize your existing design if some of the page elements are not working. It is an ongoing process. Instagram does it, so must you!

  1. Highlight Your Products

If you are looking for more site visitors and real Instagram followers, focus on your product pages. When it comes to the photo-sharing site, they emphasized on user images, which is their USP. Therefore, if you own an online flower delivery store, e-commerce store, or music store, grab customers’ attention with your products, playing down everything else. If you are selling online, place their images at the center and front. Make them look real. Integrate a magnifying tool so that shoppers can enlarge the visuals to get a detailed view. It is more applicable if you sell men’s and women’s apparel online. If you have an online portfolio, categorize all your images into a stunning gallery, which is a real eye-catcher.

  1. Embrace Minimalism

If you look at the old Instagram design, it looks neat, not messy. Despite that, they decided to eliminate the round borders and edges. It shows that minimalist design is the latest buzz. Now, you need to combine design with user-friendliness and functionality, popularly known as UX design. Instagram improved user experience on their app. They opted for a classic black and white backdrop with self-explanatory icons.  This way, there is no confusion as to what these icons signify. The outcome is a seamless viewing experience with people spending more time on Instagram. Therefore, design neat and clutter-free web pages sans redundant content and embellishments.


Get inspired by Instagram’s new design and incorporate it into your website. You may not have a huge fan following like this photo-sharing platform, but you can definitely leverage the same to boost your marketing efforts.